Development and Future Planning

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies occupies 8 floors of Charles Clore House, part of the listed Grade II* Bedford Way building designed by Sir Denys Lasdun (1914-2001).

The Institute has major plans to refurbish its building and continues to improve and modernise current facilities, such as further development of the popular coffee bar and café facility. It is hoped that these developments will make the building more attractive, and enhance the importance of the Institute as a meeting place for researchers and students.

A programme of work was completed in 2005 to ensure access and usability of the building for the disabled, including the refurbishment of all toilet facilities.

A wireless Internet access ( wiALS ) service came into operation at the start of October 2006 throughout the library, in seminar and lecture rooms, and the café of the Institute.

The Library lift was successfully refurbished early in 2007 and a remodelled Electronic Legal Research Unit was established on the Library's 4th floor.

Audio-visual presentation equipment was also successfully installed in each of the conference, seminar and teaching rooms.

The main building lifts were refurbished in 2008 and additional mobile shelving was installed in the reading room on floor L2.

In 2009 new signage was installed in the Institute.

IALS Strategic Plan 2015-2019 (PDF, 380KB)

  • Maintenance and major refurbishment of Charles Clore House for the Institute and its Library
  • Development of library facilities, collection and support
  • Endowment of visiting professorships, fellowships and scholarships
  • Endowment of bursaries for home and foreign students
  • Development of IT and electronic resources
  • Establishment, endowment and support of existing and new research centres
  • Support for and endowment of existing and future senior academic appointments
  • Support for the Society of Advanced Legal Studies and its objectives
  • Fundraising
Page last updated: 31st August 2017