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Professor David Barnhizer
Senior Associate Research Fellow

Email: david.barnhizer@law.csuohio.edu 

Telephone: 020 7862 5800


LLM Harvard University; JD summa cum laude, Ohio State University; BA Muskingum College.

Special Interests:

Law & Society; legal profession; ethics; philosophy of law and Rule of Law; dispute resolution and advocacy; strategic analysis.


Books and Manuals

  • HYPOCRISY & MYTH: The Hidden Order of the Rule of Law (with Daniel Barnhizer, Van de Plas Publishing, June 2009)
  • TH BLUES OF A REVOLUTION: The Damaging Impacts of Shrimp Farming (With Isabel de la Torres, ed., ISA Net, 2003)
  • EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS: Economic Sanctions, Use of National courts and International For a, and Coercive Power (Ashgate, December 2001)
  • EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS: Prevention and Intervention, Trade, and Education (Ashgate, December 2001)
  • THE MOGOLIAN ACTION PROGRAMME FOR THE 21st CENTURY (THE MAP21 REPORT) 200+ pp. (1999) (edited the English version for the government of Mongolia)
  • EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND STRATEGIC ANALYSIS: The Mongolian Action Programme for the 21st Century (June 1998) (contributor)
  • THE WARRIOR LAWYER (Transnational, December 1997)
  • STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE SOCIETIES, editor (Global Tomorrow Coalition, 1988)

Articles and Book Chapters

    "A Chilling of Discourse" 50 St. Louis University L. J. 361 (2006)
  • "Waking from Sustainability's Impossible Dream: The Decisionmaking Realities of Business and Government" 18 Georgetown International Environmental L. Rev. 1 (2006)
  • "Propertization, Contract, Competition, and Communication: Law's Struggle to Adapt to the Transformative Powers of the Internet" 54 Cleve. St. L. Rev.1 (2006)
  • "Profession Deleted: Using Market and Liability Forces to Regulat the ver Ordinary Business of Law Practice for Profit" 17 Georgetown J. of Legal Ethics (2004)
  • "Of Standards, Regulations, and Market Campaigns: Going Beyond the Rhetoric" (with de la Torre) in BLUES OF A REVOLUTION (ISA Net/Quality Books, 2003)
  • "Environmental Activism on the Internet" in Steven, Hicks and John G. McNutt Editors, ADVOCACY, ACTIVISM AND THE INTERNET: COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION AND SOCIAL POLICY, (Lyceum Books, January 2002
  • "Human Rights as a Strategic System&qot; in EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS: Economic Sanctions, Use of National Courts and International Flora, and Coercive Power (Ashgate, December 2001)
  • "Human Rights Strategies for Investigation and Shaming" Resisting Globalization Rhetoric, and Education" in EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS: Prevention and Intervention, Trade and Education (Ashgate, December 2001)
  • "Trade, Environment and Human Rights: The Paradigm Case of Industrial Aquaculture and the Exploitation of Traditional Communities" in EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS: Prevention and Intervention, Trade, and Education (Ashgate, December 2001)
  • "On the Make: Campaign Funding and the Corrupting of the American Judiciary" 50 Catholic Law Review 361 (2001)
  • "The Virtue of Ordered Conflict: A Defense of the Adversary System" 79 Nebraska Law Review 657 (2000)
  • "Princes of Darkness and Angles of Light: The Soul of the American Lawyer" 14 Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy 371 (2000)
  • "Comparison of Russian and American Clinical Education" Proceedings of the CSU/Novgorod University Converence on Clinical Legal Education, Jane Picker (ed). On CD-ROM (2001)
  • " Effective Strategies for Protecting Human Rights: A Conference Engaging the International Community" CSU Law Notes (Spring 2001)
  • "From Genghis to Gingrich" CSU Law Notes (Spring 1998)
  • "Showdown at Implementation Gap: The Failure of Agenda 21" (with J Scherr) ECODECISION, Spring 1997
  • "The Role of NGOs in Saving the Oceans" in THE CHALLENGES AHEAD IN OCEANS POLICY 123 (Luso American Development Foundation) (Lisbon, 1997)
  • "The Justice Mission of American Law Schools" excerpts reprinted in CLINICAL ANTHOLOGY: READINGS FOR LIVE-CLIENT CLINICS, Hurder, Bloch, Brooks and Kay (eds) (1997)
  • "Don't Ride Buses in Honduras" in CSU Law Notes, Winter 1996
  • "Of Rat Time and Terminators" 45 J. Legal Ed. 49 (1995)
  • "Freedom to Do What? Institutional Neutrality, Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility" 43 J. Legal Education 346 (1993)
  • "The Justice Mission of American Law Schools" 40 Cleveland St. L. Rev. 285 (1992)
  • "The Purpose of the University in the First Quarter of the Twenty-First Century" 22 Seton Hall L. Rev. 1124 (1992)
  • "The University Ideal and Clinical Legal Education" 35 New York L. J. 87 (1990)
  • "Natural Law as Practical Methology: A Finnisian Analysis of City of Richmond v. Croson" 38 Cleveland St. L. Rev. 15 (1990)
  • "Outmoded Political Economic, and Educational Structures: Obstacles to Environmentally Sound Solutions" in ENVIRONMENT CLEVELAND 1 (D. Barnhizer ed., 1990)
  • "The Revolution in American Law Schools" 37 Cleveland St. L. Rev. 227 (1989)
  • "The University Ideal and the American Law School" 42 Rutgers L. Rev. 109 (1989)
  • "The War to Achieve Sustainable Societies" in STRATEGIES FOR SUSTAINABLE SOCIETIES 1 (D. Barnhizer ed. 1988)
  • "Prophets, Priests and Power Blockers: Three Fundamental Roles of Judges and Legal Scholars in America" 50 Pitts. L. Rev. 127 (1988)
  • "A Clinical Carol" AALS Clinical Newsletter, 1987
  • "Foresight Capability: A Different Perspective" U.S. House of Representatives, Energy and Commerce Committee (GPO, 1982)
  • "Creating a Sustainable Future." U.S. House of Representative, Energy and Commerce Committee (GPO, 1982)
  • "The Outlook for Preventing Climatic Change Due to CO2 Emissions" (with Thomas Stoel, Jr.). Working paper for the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute for Public Policy, University of Minnesota, 1982
  • "Looking Back, Looking Ahead: An Analysis of How Major U.S. Corporations Reacted to the Global 2000 Report" (with Hoffman) Report to the U.S. Council on Environmental Quality 1981
  • "Teaching and Testing Clinical Skills" LEGAL EDUCATION AND LAWYER COMPETENCY: CURRICULA FOR CHANGE (F. Dutile ed. 1981)
  • "The Role of Practical Legal Education in the University Law School" in PERSPECTIVES ON LEGAL EDUCATION 278 (N. Redlich ed. 1979)
  • "The Clinical Method of Legal Instruction: Its Theory and Implementation" 30 J. of Legal Education 67 (1979)
  • "Clinical Education at the Crossroads: The Need for Direction" 1977 B.Y.U Law Rev. 1025
  • "Environmental Policy-Making: Reflections on the Process of Technology Assessment" 13 Santa Clara Lawyer 675 (1973)
  • "Truth-in-Lending: An Analysis for Attorneys Representing the Poor" 4 Clearinghouse Rev. 525 (March 1971)
  • "Training Material for the Consumer Information Agency of Colorado Springs" in COMMUNITY LEGAL EDUCATION MATERIALS (ed. Mary Ader) National Clearinghouse fo rLegal Services, Northwestern University School of Law (1971)
  • "Trade Secret Protection in Ohio and the Proposed Federal Statute" 30 Ohio St. L. J. 157 (1969)

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