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New records added: January / February 2017

Asylum Case Database
Database of United States asylum cases compiled and made freely available by the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) at the University of California Hastings College of the Law. The database can be searched by nationality, decision level and final outcome and results can be filtered by type of persecution eg. ethnic violence, forced marriage or honour killing. The information for each case includes a summary, state, the date the case was submitted and any decisions made. Further information on the cases can be requested from  the CGRS.

Brexit Hub
The Brexit Hub forms part of The Lawyer magazine's website which is aimed at legal practitioners and published by Centaur Holdings. The Brexit Hub brings together all the magazine’s content relating to Brexit including news, opinion and analysis articles. Some of the content is accessible to subscribers only. There is also a selection of briefings which focus on particular topics such as the implications of Brexit for transatlantic trade, data protection, UK franchise businesses and immigration. Free registration is required to access the briefings.

Brexit: UK and European Law
This page forms part of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Brexit blog. Posts in this section focus on the legal aspects of Brexit and cover topics such as Article 50, the European Court of Human Rights and the impact of Brexit on EU citizens living in the UK. Other themes of the blog include the impact of Brexit on economics, European politics and institutions, exit negotiations and the Great Repeal Bill.

Website of the European Commission database DORIE (DOcumentation et Recherche sur les questions Institutionnelles Européennes). DORIE provides access to documents concerning European institutional issues including legal instruments adopted by the Institutions, minutes of meetings of European Institutions and bodies, press releases, newspaper articles, speeches by European leaders and internal Commission notes. The collection has material from 1946 onwards and can be searched by author, date, title, document type or theme (including asylum, treaties, voting, competition, consumers, civil society). There is also a full text search. Most documents can be downloaded from the site in PDF.

European Commission: Migration and Home Affairs
Website of the Directorate-General of the European Commission dealing with migration and home affairs which includes EU migration, asylum policy and EU security. The site has information on EU policies covering issues such as migration, asylum, Schengen and borders, organised crime, trafficking and police cooperation. There is also information about the EU agencies concerned with these issues and links to their websites eg. FRONTEX: EU external borders agency and Europol: The European Police Office and networks such as the European Migration Network (EMN). There is also an elibrary of related primary and secondary resources.

European Commission: Migration and Home Affairs: eLibrary
Online collection of videos, photos and publications (including legislation, international agreements and reports) dealing with EU home affairs issues made freely available on the website of the Directorate-General of the European Commission. Migration and Home Affairs includes EU migration, asylum policy and EU security. The eLibrary can be searched or browsed by topic such as asylum, migration, Schengen, terrorism, organised crime and police cooperation. Links are given to the full text or to websites hosting full text materials. A glossary of home affairs terms is also given.

Family Law in Ukraine: Overview
Online guide to family law in Ukraine written by staff from Ukrainian law firm A.G.A. Partners and published and made freely available on the Thomson Reuters Practical Law database. The guide gives an outline of the law making reference to key primary sources covering divorce, children, pre and post nuptial agreements, foreign marriages, surrogacy and adoption, cohabitation, civil partnerships and same sex marriage.

Forced Migration Current Awareness
Blog providing current awareness and legal information concerning refugees and forced migration issues. The blog is compiled by Elisa Mason who is an information specialist undertaking research into refugee and forced migration studies. The blog was started in 2005 and posts can be searched or browsed by keyword. There are research guides to legal resources concerning internally displaced persons, statelessness and international refugee law along with details of recently published articles and a list of links to other forced migration resources.

Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web
Online guide to legal resources focusing on international refugee law. The guide was compiled by Elisa Mason, who is an information specialist undertaking research into refugee and forced migration studies, and published in 2017 on the forced migration currant awareness site. The author outlines the role of international refugee bodies such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and highlights key international instruments relating to refugee law as well as national legislation and case law. There are also links to networking resources that can help asylum seekers find representation and advice, educational resources and journals.

Independent Review Service for the Social Fund
Website of the Independent Review Service (IRS) for the Social Fund in the United Kingdom. The role of the IRS is to provide an independent review of discretionary Social Fund decisions made in Jobcentre Plus offices. The site has information on the IRSãs organisational structure and business objectives and guidance on applying to the Social Fund for a community care grant, crisis loan or budgeting loan. There is also advice on applying for a review of decisions made covering community care grants, crisis loans, budgeting loans and overpayment decisions. Full text copies of the IRS Journal and Digest of Decisions dating back to 2000 can be downloaded and there are links to legislation concerning the Social Fund review.

Internally Displaced Persons: Guide to Legal Information Resources on the Web
Online guide to resources focused on people who have had to flee their homes to avoid violence, disasters or human rights violations but remain within their country's borders. The guide was written in 2017 by Elisa Mason who is an information specialist undertaking research into refugee and forced migration studies. The author highlights primary and secondary legal materials covering international, regional and national law with an emphasis on freely available resources. There is a link to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)'s Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement and information on the role of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons. This version of the guide is published on the Forced Migration Current Awareness blog and updates an earlier version that appeared in 2011 on the LLRX.com site.

Law and Your Environment
The Law and Your Environment web page is a plain guide to environmental law compiled by the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) and made freely available on their website. The guide provides information on the law dealing with a range of environmental areas including air pollution, climate change, marine environment, fracking, noise, planning and wildlife issues. Each section breaks down to include case studies, contacts, FAQs and links to relevant legislation and other resources.

Legal Resources Centre from Moldova
Website of the Legal Resources Centre from Moldova (LRCM). The LRCM is a non-profit, non-governmental think tank focused on reform of the justice sector and strengthening the legislative framework and human rights standards in Moldova. There is information on current and past projects of the Centre along with detailed reports dealing with justice, human rights and civil society matters. These reports can be downloaded in Romanian. There is also a quarterly online newsletter that can be viewed in English and Romanian.

Rights in Exile Programme
This website brings together resources to assist lawyers who are representing refugees. The Rights in Exile Programme is run by lawyers and experts in human rights and immigration issues. The site provides access to a range of resources including the UNHCR Protection Manual, contact details of pro bono organisations arranged by country, country of origin information experts and online sources of international case law. There are also resources aimed at refugees including self-help kits to assist with writing Refugee Status Determination Interview statements. Other free resources include links to documentary films about the issues affecting refugees, libraries, networks and media contacts- journalists in different countries who cover refugee issues.

Statelessness: A Web Research Guide
Online guide explaining the concept of statelessness. This term refers to someone who isn’t a national of any country. The guide was written in 2017 by Elisa Mason, who is an information specialist undertaking research into refugee and forced migration studies, and is published on the Forced Migration Current Awareness blog. The author highlights free online resources explaining the concept of stateless people and sources of law relating to statelessness including treaties and national legislation. The guide also explains the role of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and details printed, online and educational resources on stateless people.

UK Environmental Law Association: Brexit
This section of the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) website focuses on issues surrounding Brexit and the future of UK environmental regulation. There is guidance on the impact of European Union membership on environmental law in the UK and a selection of UKELA policy papers on the implications of Brexit for different areas of environmental law. There are also links to articles by environmental law experts dealing with topics such as climate policy, nature conservation in the UK and environmental law in Scotland.

Ukrainian Family Law
Website of Ukrainian Family Law a law firm specialising in family law based in Kiev in Ukraine. The site has a selection of free articles covering a range of topics including divorce, child support, adoption, marriage, annulment and common law marriage. There is also Ukrainian legislation relevant to family law provided on the site. This section includes the Constitution of Ukraine, the Family Code of Ukraine and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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