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New records added: February / March 2018

American State Papers
Searchable and browseable digitised version of the thirty-eight volume publication, ‘American State Papers’, containing US congressional legislative and executive documents from the period 1789 to 1838. Forms part of the Library of Congress’ American Memory website.

American Presidency Project
Online archive of US presidential documents, election documents and data, and audio visual material. Includes executive orders, proclamations, State of the Union addresses and messages, inaugural addresses, addresses to Congress, press conference material, veto messages, party convention addresses, election debates and other resources. The archive is hosted by the University of California, Santa Barbara, and covers the period from 1789 to the present.

BrexitLawNI is a collaborative research project between the law schools of Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University and the Committee on the Administration of Justice, a human rights organisation based in Belfast. The project is looking at the legal and constitutional elements of Brexit as they relate to Northern Ireland and background information is given for the key themes. These include the peace process, relations between the North and South of Ireland, border controls and free movement and equality and human rights issues. The project has compiled a library of relevant articles, reports, blogs and websites along with material produced by the project. These are available in full on the site.

Comitology Register
The Comitology Register monitors the procedure by which the European Commission makes implementing legislation with the help of committees of representatives from the member states. It can be used to track the progress of this legislation. The main register covers the period from April 2008 onwards, but there is a link to the ‘Old comitology register’ for information from 2003 to March 2008. There is a search facility for documents and another for committees. The register is accompanied by background information about the Commission’s implementing powers, a set of FAQs, annual reports on comitology (2000 onwards) and a collection of reusable datasets.

Compilation of Presidential Documents
Collection of US presidential documents on the official Federal Digital System website, arranged by year, 1992 onwards. Includes proclamations, executive orders, speeches, statements, details of acts approved by the President, and other material. To search, follow the ‘Search Government Publications’ link, open Advanced Search and select ‘Compilation of Presidential Documents’

Congreso de Guatemala
This is the official site of the Congress of Guatemala. The site contains background information about the structure and role of the Congress, and details of its deputies. A range of full-text documents are available in Spanish and can be viewed online and downloaded in PDF format, including the Constitution. The website also allows users to search for and view legislation. Additionally, a press section is available which can be searched, containing recent press releases and photographs. The site is in Spanish.

Congreso Nacional de Honduras
This is the official site of the Congress of Honduras. The site contains information about the structure, role and aims of the Congress. Users can search for and view a range of legislation, which is available in Spanish only and in PDF format. Additional sections of the website contain recent bulletins and news items relating to the Congress and its activities, as well as photographs and other media.

Constituciones Hispanoamericas
The Constituciones Hispanoamericas website provides free online access to Spanish constitutions (both current and historical) and those of Latin American countries. The site forms part of the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes digital library which is hosted by the University of Alicante in Spain. As well as the catalogue of constitutions and related documents there is background and historical information on Spanish and Latin American constitutionalism and a page of related web links. The site is available in Spanish only.

Constitution of Haiti
The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of Haiti made freely available on the Political Database of the Americas, hosted by Georgetown University in the United States. This website can be viewed in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. A full text version of the Constitution of 1987 is provided in both English and French. The Constitution contains sections on the rights and duties of citizens, in addition to the judicial, legislative and executive branches of the government.

Constitution of Honduras
An online version of the Constitution of Honduras made freely available on the Political Database of the Americas, hosted by Georgetown University in the United States. The Political Database of the Americas website can be viewed in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. A full-text version of the Constitution of Honduras from 1982 is available, with reforms from 2005 and 2006. The Constitution is provided in Spanish only with sections on the judicial, legislative and executive branches of the government, and the basic rights and duties of citizens.

Constitution of the Italian Republic
his page is part of the Italian Parliament website and provides free access to the Constitution of Italy. The document is presented in English in PDF.

De Maribus
De Maribus is a blog on the law of the sea providing current information on conferences, courses and calls for papers on this topic. There are links to other legal blogs and to maritime and other international law research institutes. The blog is edited by N. F Coelho and Arron Honniball who are PhD students at Utrecht University.

Document Register
Online register of internal documents produced by the Council of the European Union, 1999 onwards. Covers minutes of meetings, preparatory legislative documents, agendas and other material. The Register is searchable by key word, subject, reference number and other criteria. Many of the documents are available in full; where this is not the case members of the public can apply for access via the Request a Document link at the bottom of the search page. The interface is available in all the EU languages, but not all the documents are in every language.

Ecclesiastical Law
The Ecclesiastical Law website is produced by Mark Hill QC of Francis Taylor Building Chambers and is intended to provide additional information for readers of his book, Ecclesiastical Law. There is a section on clergy discipline providing comment and guidance along with links to legislation. There is also information on faculty jurisdiction which relates to Church of England buildings. Links to full text articles written by Mark Hill are also freely available and cover subjects such as freedom of religion, Canon law and same-sex marriage in South Africa.

Environmental Law
This page describes the work of Environmental Law Programme (ELP) which forms part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) a membership network of government and civil society organisations concerned with nature conservation. There is information on the various initiatives run by the ELP including the World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL), the Environmental Law Centre (ELC) and the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law. There are environmental policy and law papers which are free to download, news updates and a link to the ECOLEX law library website which IUCN is a joint contributor to.

European Consortium for Church and State Research
The European Consortium for Church and State Research is an organisation of academics from across Europe with an interest in ecclesiastical law. The purpose of the Consortium is to promote the “development of studies of Ecclesiastical Law and of the relations between states and religious confessions in Europe”. The Consortium holds annual meetings the proceedings of which are made available on the site. Meetings in recent years have focused on law and religion in the workplace, religious adjudication and the state and public authorities and the training of religious personnel in Europe. Information is given on other publications of the Consortium.

European Parliament Public Register of Documents
Online register of internal European Parliament (EP) documents. Though launched in June 2002, it covers documents from the around the late-1990s onwards. The Public Register is searchable by key word, author, document type, reference number and other criteria. Many of the documents are available in full; where this is not the case members of the public can apply for access via the Request a Document page. The Public Register website also provides the European Parliament’s annual reports and resolutions on public access to documents, from 2002 onwards. The  interface is available in all the languages of the EU, but not all the documents are in every language.

International Center for Law and Religion Studies
The International Center for Law and Religion Studies is part of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at the Brigham Young University in Utah. The Center promotes freedom of religion worldwide and is focused on the relationship between law and religion. The Center compiles Religlaw a database of documents including laws, treatises, articles and case law affecting freedom of religion in countries around the world. It also operates the Strasbourg Consortium an association of academic institutions concerned with religious freedom and how this relates to the work of the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights. There is information on the projects and publications the Center is involved with along with details of past and future events.

International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies
Website of the International Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (ICLARS) an international network of scholars and experts in law and religion. The Consortium is based at the Faculty of Law at the University of Milan. ICLARS regularly organizes conferences and publishes a book series with Routledge. The website gives details of conferences and a list of related journals, books and web links.

An Introduction to International Fisheries Law Research http://www.nyulawglobal.org/globalex/International_Fisheries_Law.html
Online guide providing an introduction to international fisheries regulation written by Abdullah Al Arif who is Senior Lecturer in Law at the Daffodil International University, Bangladesh. The guide was published in 2018 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. The author gives background information on the topic and an overview (with links) of the international instruments on fisheries regulation and relevant International environmental law instruments. There is a list of international organisations on fisheries and a section on the management of regional fisheries. Links are given to important decisions as well as a list of key books, journals and websites on the subject.

Law and Religion Scholars Network
Website of the Law and Religion Scholars Network (LARSN) an initiative of the Centre for Law and Religion at Cardiff University designed to bring together academics who are interested in all areas of law and religion. The website provides free access to a Case Database which includes judgements relating to law and religion delivered by UK courts, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Judgements are provided from 2000 onwards with a selection of important earlier cases included. There is also a page of links to related websites.

Legislative Sourcebook
Compilation of research guides, reference sources and links on the subject of US legislative research, put together by the Law Librarians’ Society of Washington, DC. Covers legislative history, US government document citations, key publications and much more. Consists predominantly of federal resources, but state legislation is covered too.

Project for Interdisciplinary Law and Religion Studies
Website of the Project for Interdisciplinary Law and Religion Studies (PILARS) an initiative of the Open University Law School. The project provides comment and analysis on recent law and religion judgements along with a list of related judgements covering a range of jurisdictions. PILARS also offers guidance on how to write a case comment, a bibliography of law and religion texts and a list of related websites.

Public Access Bar Association
The Public Access Bar Association (PABA) represents the interests of barristers in England and Wales who offer direct services to the public. The website provides information for the public about what kind of work a barrister does and the kinds of situations where barristers may be instructed directly. Also available is the associations constitution and a list of PABA office holders.

Register of Commission Documents
Online register of internal documents produced by the European Commission from 1 January 2001 onwards. The register is searchable by document reference, Commission department, title, document type and other criteria; key word searching is offered on a separate ‘Full text search’ tab. There is also browseable collection of minutes and agendas from Commission meetings. If a document is not available in full via the register, it is possible to submit a request for it. The Register is available in all the languages of the EU, but not all the documents are in every language.

Register of Commission Expert Groups and Other Similar Entities
This resource provides information about the groups of experts and similar bodies which are involved in the preparation of EU policy initiatives, legislative proposals and delegated / implementing acts. There are basic and advanced search facilities and for each group the register gives basic details, documents and other information. The Register is provided by the European Commission. It is accompanied by a meeting schedule, news items and background information about the use of expert groups by the EU. The interface is available in all the EU languages, though not all the content is in every language.

The US Supreme Court blog, which offers news and commentary, background information, statistics, videos, a calendar of court activity and links to case documentation.  The Plain English section includes a glossary of legal terms, a guide to Supreme Court procedure and an archive of plain English blog posts. Daily email updates are available.

Search25 is a resource discovery tool provided by the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries. The website enables users to search across the catalogues of over 60 library collections at once. It is free to search and users have the option to search by title, author, subject and ISBN. The website also includes a list of libraries that are members of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries.

Society of Solicitor Advocates
The Society of Solicitor Advocates represents the interests of solicitor advocates in Scotland. The website contains information for solicitors on how to become a solicitor advocate, as well as information for other solicitors and members of the public about how to instruct a solicitor advocate. The library section of the website contains documents that can be downloaded, including consultation responses, newsletters and application forms.

Stonewall: Criminal Law
This page forms part of the guidance provided by gay and lesbian civil rights group, Stonewall, on their website. This section focuses on aspects of criminal law that affect LGBT people. There is advice on the Sexual Offences Act 2003, domestic violence, forced marriage and information on how to disregard a conviction or caution for gross indecency.

Stonewall: Parenting Rights
This page forms part of the guidance provided by gay and lesbian civil rights group, Stonewall, on their website. This section focuses on aspects of the law covering parenting that may affect LGBT people. There is information on the law relating to donor insemination, surrogacy, adoption and fostering, family leave and legal parenthood.

The Serials Union Catalogue (SUNCAT) allows users to search for serials held in the collections of over 100 UK research libraries. A list of contributing libraries is available under the ‘about’ section of the website. There is both basic and advanced search options as well as the possibility to browse. SINCAT is provided by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh in partnership with Jisc.

United States Senate
Website of the United States Senate, the upper chamber of Congress. Provides information about senators and Senate committees. The Legislation and Records section includes schedules and calendars; the Congressional Record from 1989/90 (101st Congress) onwards; and details of Senate votes, ongoing legislation and treaty approvals. The Reference page provides statistics, bibliographies, a glossary and other resources.

Young Legal Aid Lawyers
Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) is a group of lawyers who are committed to practising in the areas of criminal and civil law that have traditionally been publically funded. The website contains information about the group’s objectives, the committee members and the work of sub-groups. Meeting minutes are available, as is a collection of articles, briefings, reports and consultation responses.

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