IALS Student Law Review: Editorial Board and Associate Editors

Editorial Board

Academic Editor: Dr Constantin Stefanou (Member of the IALS Academic Staff) constantin.stefanou@sas.ac.uk

Editor-in-Chief: Lovina Otudor
Expertise: Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law, Money Laundering

Deputy Editor: Sirajo Yakubu
Expertise: financial law, anti-money laundering, International Human Rights, Banking Law, International Trade and Maritime Law and the Law of the World Trade Organisation.

Deputy Editor: Bahriye Basaran
Expertise: banking and capital markets law

Deputy Editor: Stephanie Onoge
Expertise: Legislative drafting

Executive Editor: Dr Mazhar Ilahi (Associate Research Fellow at IALS) mazhar.ilahi@sas.ac.uk

Associate Editors

Omar Abdelghafour  
Expertise: Private law, European Private Law, Conflict of laws, Contract, Torts

Ikani Kanu Agabi
Expertise: Banking Law and regulation, Commercial Law, Common law and litigation in commercial transactions

Dr Salim Al-Ali
Expertise: Law and practice of Islamic finance services industry, Islamic financial law, Sukuk Market, Regulation of Islamic finance

Dr Sara Ashrafkashani
Expertise: Financial regulation, Islamic finance, Sucuk markets, Public international law

Stefania Barichello
Expertise: Human Rights, responsibility-sharing, refugee law, migration

Dr Khaled Benjelayel
Expertise: Theory of market regulation, Law and economics, Islamic securities regulation

Paolo Biondi
Expertise: Human Rights Law, Asylum, Immigration, Refugee Law, Humanitarian Law, Human Security and European Neighborhood Policy

Yeliz Budak
Expertise: Public International Law, specifically; International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Transitional Justice and International Criminal Law

Ronan Cormacain
Expertise: Consultant Legislative Counsel, Legislative drafting, constitutional law, public law, rule of law

Gilbert Crentsil
Expertise: Fraud and the consumer. General practising solicitor in England and Wales, various practical civil legal issues-immigration, conveyancing, among others

Ejike Ekwueme
Expertise: Money Laundering, Corporate Governance, Maritime Law and International Commercial Abitration 

Dr Myriam Feinberg (Alvarez-Pereyre)
Expertise: International law, EU law and human rights law

Jam Gazzain
Expertise: Risk Management and Compliance, Financial Services Regulations and Enforcement, Financial Crimes and Regulation, and Financial Law

Bahar Hatami Alamdari
Expertise: International Commercial Arbitration, International Trade Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Conflict of Laws, Commercial Law,  Jurisprudence , and  Media Law

Marcelo Ilarraz
Expertise: International Taxation, Comparative Law, Taxation and Development, Taxation and Regulation

Dr Keith Lloyd Jones
Expertise: Employment Rights and Human Rights,  Labour Law, Trade Unions, former Trade Union Deputy General Secretary, Sustainability, Health and safety at Work

Ufuoma Lamikanra
Expertise: Human rights, International criminal law

Dr Maria Mousmouti
Expertise: Legislative studies, drafting, quality of legislation, non-discrimination legislation, human rights, european law and public law in general

Dr Ahmet Mustafa
Expertise: Administrative Constitutional Law and Public International Law

Martha Okigbo 
Expertise: Corporate Governance, Company and Corporate Law, Regulatory Law, Financial Regulation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics

Mahvish Rani

Anthony Quinton Richardson
Expertise: Commercial Law, Company Law, Criminal Law, and International Law

Dr Paulo Rosenblatt
Expertise: Tax law, Brazilian law

Wael Saghir
Expertise: Foreign Direct Investment laws and regulations, Export Credit Agencies, Corporate Governance, Comparative Business and Investment laws, Investment and business related areas including Entertainment, Sports and Hospitality related Investment

Christopher Stears
Expertise: International corporate and regulatory law, legal and conduct risk analysis


Co-Founder Editors

Editor-in- Chief: Dr Khaled Benjelayel (PhD Candidate, IALS) khaled.benjelayel@postgrad.sas.ac.uk
Khaled finished his PhD in law at IALS in the summer of 2013. After acting as legal research assistance at the Saudi Fund for Development, he received a scholarship award from the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education and joined the University of Manchester to do his LLM degree and, subsequently, IALS to purse his doctorate studies. Khaled is Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of IALS Student Law Review. Khaled's research interest is in the areas of theory of market regulation, law and economics and Islamic securities regulation.

Deputy Editor: Dr Paulo Rosenblatt (PhD Candidate, IALS) paulo.rosenblatt@postgrad.sas.ac.uk
Paulo Rosenblatt completed his PhD in law at IALS in the summer of 2013. MA in Tax Law at the Federal University of Pernambuo - UFPE, Brazil. He is a Lawyer and Tax Consultant at Manzi Advogados Associados, and a Public Tax Prosecutor at the Attorney General Office of the State of Pernambuco (Procuradoria Geral do Estado de Pernambuco), Brazil.

Deputy Editor: Nikoletta Kleftouri (PhD Candidate, IALS) nikoletta.kleftouri@gmail.com
Nikoletta Kleftouri is completing her PhD studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, under the supervision of Professor Kern Alexander. She obtained her LLB from Aristotles University of Thessaloniki, Greece and spent six months as a student at Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. She holds an LLM (Distinction) in Commercial Law from University College London. She worked as a research assistant at the University of Zurich and started working as an analyst at the Financial Stability division of the Bank of England from September 2013. Her research areas of interest are Financial Regulation, Capital Markets, Corporate Governance and Company Law.

Executive Editor: Nima Mersadi Tabari (PhD Candidate, IALS; and Visiting Tutor in International Investment Law, The Dickson Poon School of Law, King's College London) nima.tabari@kcl.ac.uk
Nima is a final year PhD Candidate at IALS. He is a GradEI member of the Energy Institute and a visiting lecturer at King's College London where he provides coaching and advocacy training to King's College mooting teams and teaches international investment law. Nima's core areas of research interest are investment arbitration, commercial arbitration, public international law and Islamic finance

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