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AIRE Centre
Website of the AIRE Centre an organisation providing information on and promoting awareness of European law rights. The charity takes cases to the European Court of Human Rights, provides legal advice to individuals and voluntary sector lawyers and advisors. The site describes the work undertaken in the areas of human trafficking, family law, prisoners’ rights, discrimination, international protection and fair trial. A selection of publications by AIRE is made freely available to download from the site.

Bibliotheque numerique Cujas
Online library of more than 150 digitised works from leading French law library Bibliotheque Cujas in Paris (part of a wider digitisation project led by Cujas and the Bibliotheque Nationale de France). The selected titles cover the medieval period and the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The majority cover the law of France, but 30 are about German law. All the works are searchable by title, author, subject and date; the full text of some of them is also searchable. All of them can be browsed by title and filtered by period or subject. They are in pdf format. Most are in French, but some are in Latin or German and the site interface is in French.

Bridge IP Law Commentary
Maintained by the Shanghai DeBund Law Offices, this frequently-updated blog with archive of posts filterable by content aims to analyse and highlight popular cases and topics in Chinese intellectual property law.

China Law and Policy
An informal blog by Elizabeth Lynch, an attorney who focuses on legal development and reform in China. Features regular commentary on recent changes and podcasts of interviews and discussion with academics and professionals.

Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review
Open Access version of the journal Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review which is made freely available online on the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) website. The journal includes articles, case reports and book reviews focusing on digital evidence and electronic signatures from around the world. DEESLR is published annually and the complete archive from 2004 onwards is available to download from the site.

Ecclesiastical law
This section of the Lupton Fawcett Denison Till website provides information on ecclesiastical law and is compiled by Lionel Lennox an ecclesiastical and charity lawyer. There is legal guidance aimed at clergy and churchwardens and covering topics such as employment law, repair and maintenance of churches and churchyards and chancel repair liabilities.

Fair Trade Commission
Official website of the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission, providing up-to-date laws (since 1992) and regulations relating to fair trade, and summaries of decisions made by the Commission since 2008. Also available in Chinese.

Hungarian media laws in Europe
Report on media laws in Hungary published and made freely available online by the Center for Media and Communication Studies at the Central European University in Budapest. The report analyses Hungary’s new media laws to assess how far they conform to European media regulation standards and compares aspects of the Hungarian system to those of other EU countries. Topics covered in the report include independence of the Hungarian media authority, media regulation, public service media and powers of the media authority. The full report can be downloaded in PDF.

International Arbitration Attorney Network
Website of the International Arbitration Attorney Network, a group founded by lawyer William Kirtley of Franco-American law firm Dugué and Kirtley. In addition to advertising the Network, the site provides a large amount of information about international arbitration law and practice. This includes a guide to finding arbitration case law on the internet; information about arbitration clauses and third-party funding of cases; an ICC Cost Calculator; a set of links to freely available books and book extracts (under ‘Online Arbitration Library’). The site also includes an international arbitration blog and a glossary of arbitration terms, the Arbitration Dictionary. Although the website is almost entirely in English, a small amount of information is available in Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Arabic.

IP Dragon
Edited by Dr. Friedmann, a Hong Kong-based academic, this blog is updated at least once a month and mainly features comment and information on intellectual property law in China. Includes an extensive list of side-menu links to laws, regulations and selected decisions within this field from China and associated jurisdictions (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

Legal Education Research Network
Website of the Legal Education Research Network (LERN). LERN is a long-established active network of UK researchers interested in legal education. One of its core aims is to support researchers, through a range of activities, including through its members providing advice and support for each other, such as by suggesting useful source materials, reading draft questionnaires, piloting them and looking over interview schedules. The site provides information about: LERN aims and activities; guidance on membership procedures; news and current awareness; information on funding grant opportunities; and details of current and past legal education research projects supported by LERN. The site is hosted by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Nanotechnology and International Law Research Guide
Online guide to nanotechnology and its relation to international law written by Md. Ershadul Karim who is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya in Malaysia, Abu Bakar bin Munir who is Professor and former Dean of Faculty of Law, University of Malaya and Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin who is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia. The guide was published in 2014 on the Globalex website and made freely available by the Hauser Global Law School Program at the New York University School of Law. The guide provides an introduction and history to nanotechnology. There are links to nanotechnology databases, United Nations publications, European initiatives and other organisations concerned with nanotechnology. There are also links to publications from a selection of jurisdictions including legislation, reports and policy documents. A detailed bibliography is provided including articles, regulations and books on the subject.

International Forum for Responsible Media
This blog is provided by the International Forum for Responsible Media (Inforrm) and was set up by media lawyers to debate issues of media responsibility. Blog posts provide news and comment on media cases and on legal developments.There are tables of media, defamation and privacy cases including links to the judgements on Bailii (British and Irish Legal and Information Institute). There are also links to legal materials and blogs on related subjects including media, data protection, privacy, freedom of information and journalism.

Travel Law Quarterly
Website of Travel Law Quarterly (TLQ) which is published by the Leisure Industries Section of the International Bar Association. TLQ is aimed at travel industry professionals, lawyers and students and covers topics such as “travel agency, tour operations, cruise law, air law, timeshare, hotel law as well as the regulation and licensing of the travel industry”. The full journal is available by subscription but TLQ Online, which provides additional content, is freely available on the website. The site also offers news and recent legal developments in the travel industry and links to relevant EU and UK legislation and cases.

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