IALS Library Reader Satisfaction Survey 2017

1. You are?

2. How frequently do you use IALS Library?

Please choose one

3. Do you feel that the Library generally meets your needs in terms of the following

1=rarely, 2=sometimes, 3=often, 4=usually (please select1 or 2 or 3 or 4)

Range of books
Multiple copies of core LLM textbooks
please specify subject (LLM subject)
Range of journals
Range of electronic journals and databases
Ease of use of library catalogue
Quality of computing facilities (eg. range of software)
Availability of computers
Cost of photocopies and printing
Helpfulness of library staff
Training sessions (eg. Lexis, Westlaw and OSCOLA)
Study facilities (eg. desks and chairs)
Study environment - noise
Study environment - heating
Opening times
Closing times
Other (comment and grade)

4. The library is primarily a reference library for research, but there is some lending. Would you prefer more materials to be available in the library or more lending outside the library?

(please choose one and enter grade in relevant section, 1-4)

5. Overall, how satisfied are you with today's library visit?

6. Any other comments or suggestions about how the library can be improved?

7. We are planning to refurbish the library space in the next few years - what are your suggestions for improvements to our current use of the space?

If you want your name to be included in the prize draw (the prize is £50 worth of cinema or theatre vouchers), and are happy to talk to us about our proposed refurbishment, please write your name, college and contact details here: