Regulations for Use of Archives at IALS

The following regulations have been established for the physical protection of the records:-

  1. No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted.
  2. Pencils only are to be used for writing. Biros, ink pens, felt tips and other pens, and correction fluid, are not permitted in the Archives Reading Area as they contain substances which can cause serious damage to records. Laptop computers may be used.
  3. Researchers are requested not to rearrange or interfere in any way with the original order of papers within a file or container.
  4. Researchers should handle all records with care and not mark, fold, tear or otherwise harm the material. Where researchers need to mark folios for copying paper strips only (not post-its) may be inserted. Any damage found in material issued should be reported immediately to the Archives supervisor.
  5. Researchers are requested not to lean on or use archival materials as a writing base, as this may damage the documents.
  6. No archival material is to be removed from the Archives Reading Area at any time by researchers.
  7. Where material may be damaged by photocopying (e.g. large volumes), the Archivist reserves the right to refuse permission for copies to be made.
  8. A maximum of three items at a time will be issued to each researcher. Materials must be returned to the Archives supervisor as soon as researchers have finished using them.
  9. Material from the Archives' collection may be copied following completion by researchers of the Copyright Declaration form, which sets out conditions regarding the obtaining of photocopies, prints and microforms.
  10. Copying may be undertaken by Archives staff only due to the unique nature of archival records.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Page last updated: 18th July 2016