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Public International Law


Online guide to finding books in the Library

General areas to browse in the the library

A number of core text books are shelved in the Short Loan Collection. Check the Library Catalogue for details.
Public international law material is shelved at SG
General material is at SG5
There are further subdivisions according to subject area
Eg. Human rights SG85, Economic law SG75, Texts of treaties SG40, Int. criminal law SG95

NB: Remember to check FOL sections in all cases for large size material

Selection of specific book titles

Aust, A. Handbook of international law 2010
Aust, A. Modern treaty law and practice 2013
Amerasinghe, C. Principles of the institutional law of international organisations 2005
Bossche, P. Van den Law and policy of the World Trade Organisation. 2013
Bowett, D.W. Bowett's law of international institutions. 2009
Boyle, A. & Chinkin, C. The making of international law 2007
Bodansky, D et al. Oxford handbook of international environmental law 2007
Brownlie, I. Basic documents in international law 2009
Crawford, J. Brownlie's principles of public international law 2012
Brownlie, I. International law and the use of force by states 1963
Cassese, A. International criminal law 2013
Charlesworth, C. & Chinkin, C. The boundaries of international law 2000
Chuah, J. Law of international trade: cross-border commercial transactions 2013
Conforti, B. Law and practice of the United Nations 2010
Corten, O. & Klein, P. The Vienna Conventions on the law of treaties : a commentary 2011
Crawford, J. Creation of states in international law 2006
Diehl, P. & Ku, C. The dynamics of international law 2010
Dinstein, Y. The conduct of hostilities under the law of international armed conflict 2010
Dinstein, Y. War aggression and self-defence 2011
Gray, C. International law and the use of force 2008
Evans, M.  Blackstone's International law documents 2013
Harris, D. Cases and materials on international law 2004
Hollis, Duncan B. ed. Oxford guide to treaties 2012
Lauterpacht, H. Development of international law by the international court 1958
McNair, A Law of treaties 1961
Lowenfeld, A. International economic law 2008
Oppenheim, L. Oppenheim's international law Vol. 1 1992
Oppenheim, L. Oppenheim's international law Vol. 2 1952
Schabas, W. The UN international criminal tribunals: the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda & Sierra Leone. 2006
Schabas, W. Introduction to the International Criminal Court 2011
Schabas, W. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Travaux Préparatoires 2013
Shaw, M. International law 2008
Simma, B. Charter of the United Nations: a commentary 2012
Villiger, M. Commentary on the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 2009

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Web Resource Guides

ASIL Guide to electronic resources for international law

A resource rich narrative to a wide range of materials covering different aspects of international law from an American perspective. It is produced and maintained by the American Society of International Law and has recently added new sections on European Union Law and International Humanitarian Law (October 2009). The guides give a background to the subject and links to other sites which provide full text documents and information about relevant subscription databases.

EISIL: Electronic information system for international law : The purpose of EISIL is to support the ASIL guide. In EISIL the resources are arranged concisely by subject with supporting explanations where required to allow the user quicker access to specific documents.


An extensive and regularly updated resource produced by the US Hauser Global Law School Program which provides research tools covering a wide range of topics within international and comparative law. Examples of some of the articles are included in the selection of individual documents in this guide.

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Selection of individual documents

Guide on the harmonization of international commercial law Globalex article updated October 2009

Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms (includes protocol amendment of June 2010)

Council of Europe. History, role and activities of the Council of Europe

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Crisis in Darfur: researching the legal issues. Globalex article Updated Oct 2011

Researching the United Nations Globalex article updated  June/July 2013

Researching League of Nations documents. Globalex article published July/Aug 2012

How to research "Travaux Préparatoires"   Globalex article updated Nov/Dec 2012

Introduction to sources for treaty research. Globalex article updated Oct 2011

Selected UN resources and research tools  Globalex article published 2007


Legislation, Treaties and Conventions

Online guide to finding legislation in the library

A selection of resources held in the Library (printed and electronic)

Up-to-date electronic sources with commentary available on Lexis Library and Westlaw databases

United Kingdom Treaty Series and UK Treaties online (available onsite and offsite)

United Nations Treaty Series (printed) and Online Collection (available onsite and offsite)

International Legal Materials (Also available on Hein )

Selection of websites

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Includes links to full-text of international human rights treaties including status of ratifications, documents of the Human Rights Committee and reports from the Special Rapporteur on violence against women

Treaty Office (Council of Europe) This is the official treaty web site of the Council of Europe. The site is available in French, German, Italian and Russian although the documents are not yet all available in every language.

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Online guide to finding cases in the library

Selection of titles held by the Library or available in full text on the Internet

International Court of Justice Reports

Also available on Hein

International human rights reports


International law reports

Selection of web sites with full text court reports

European Court of human rights
Full-text of ECHR judgments via the HUDOC database on the website and information about forthcoming judgments

Council of Europe - human rights directorate
Contains Human rights information bulletin providing useful up-to-date summary of case law and ratifications 4 times a year

Inter-American Court of Human Rights
full-text of selected judgments of the court

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
including full-text judgements of the trial chamber and appeal chamber and indictments and proceedings.


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Journal Articles

Online guide to finding journal articles in the library

Selection of titles held by the Library or available in full text online

American journal of international law

  Also available on Hein
American Society of International Law. Proceedings.   Also available on Hein
Australian yearbook of international law   Also available on Hein
British yearbook of international law   Also available on Hein
Cambridge review of international affairs  

European journal of international law


Also available on Ingenta

Harvard international law journal   Also available on Hein
International and comparative law quarterly   Also available on Cambridge Online and Hein

Journal of the history of international law


  Also available on Hein

Law & practice of international courts and tribunals   Also available on Hein

Leiden journal of international law


Also available on Cambridge Online

Max Planck yearbook of United Nations law   Also available on Ingenta

Modern law review

  Also available on Ingenta and Hein

Netherlands yearbook of international law


Also available on Cambridge Online

Rivista di diritto internazionale



Virginia journal of international law   Also available on Hein

Yale journal of international law


Also available on Hein


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