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Company Law and Corporate Insolvency


Online guide to finding books in the Library

General areas to browse in the the library

Comparative company law material is shelved at SB40
Common law text books on company law are shelved at SJ100
European Union company law material is shelved at GO1.A1.D.2
International commercial law material is shelved at SG75

N.B. Please see also FOL sections for large sized materials

A number of core texts are shelved in the Short Loan collection. Check the Library Catalogue for details.

Selection of specific book titles

Andenas, M. European comparative company law 2009
Boyle, A.J. & Bird, J. Boyle and Bird's company law 2011
Bruce, M. Rights and duties of directors 2012
Dalhuisen, J.H. Dalhuisen on international commercial, financial and trade law 2013
Dignam, A & Lowry, J Company law 2012
Dine, J.   Companies, international trade and human rights   2005
Farrar, J.H.   Company law   1998
Ferran, E.   Company law and corporate finance   1999
Ferran, E. Principles of corporate finance law 2008
Finch, V. Corporate insolvency law 2009
Fletcher, I.F. Law of insolvency 2009
Goode, R.M.  Goode on commercial law 2009
Goode, R.M. Goode on payment obligations in commercial and financial transactions. 2009
Goode, R.M Goode's principles of corporate insolvency law 2011
Goode, R.M. Goode on legal problems of credit and security 2013
Goode, R.M. Transnational commercial law : Primary materials 2007
Goode, R.M. Transnational commercial law : Text, cases and materials 2007
Goode, R.M. Transnational commercial law : International instruments and commentary 2004
Gore-Browne, F.   Gore Browne on companies   looseleaf
Gower, L.C.B. & Davies, P.L. Gower and Davies: the principles of modern company law 2012
Gup, Benton E. Corporate governance in banking : a global perspective 2007
Hopt, K.J.   Capital markets and company law   2003
Keay, A. & Walton, P. Insolvency law: corporate and personal 2012
Kinsella, N. (ed)   Digest of commercial laws of the world   looseleaf
Kraakman, H. The anatomy of corporate law: a comparative and functional approach 2009
Lightman, G. The law of administrators and receivers of companies 2011
Lowry, J. Pettet's company law: company law and corporate finance 2012
Maisto, G. Residence of companies under tax treaties and EC law 2009
Mayson, S et al. Mayson French and Ryan on company law 2013
Moore, M. Company law statutes 2012-13 2013
Moss, G. et al. The EC regulation on insolvency proceedings: a commentary and annotated guide 2009
Muchlinksi, P. Multinational enterprises and the law 2007
Palmer, F.B.   Palmer's company law   looseleaf
Picarda, H.   Law relating to receivers, managers and administrators   2006
    A practitioner's guide to the city code on takeovers and mergers 2011-2012 2011
Prentice, D. & Reisberg, A. ed. Corporate finance law in the UK and EU 2011
Rajak, H.   Company rescue and liquidation   2013
Reisberg, A Derivative actions and corporate governance: theory and operation. 2007
Scanlan, G. et al. Companies Act 2006 2007
Scott, Hal S. International finance, transactions, policy & regulation 2010
Sealy, L.S. & Worthington, S. Cases and materials in company law 2013
Sealy, L.S. & Hooley, R.J.A. Commercial law: text, cases and materials 2009
Sealy, L.S. & Milman, D. Annotated guide to the insolvency legislation... 2013
Tribe, J Core statutes on insolvency law and corporate rescue 2008

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Web Resource Guides

Lawbore (City University)
Annotated links to selected sources of company and commercial law

Annotated links to quality sources of  company law and corporate insolvency on the web (maintained by IALS)

Worldlii - subject sections
Annotated links to a variety of sources of company, business, trade and commercial law

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Legislation, Treaties and Conventions

Online guide to finding legislation in the library

A selection of resources held in the Library (printed and electronic)

Great Britain Public and General Acts

Also available on the UK Statutes database

Halsbury's Statutes

Up-to-date electronic sources with commentary available on LexisNexis Butterworths and Westlaw databases

Justis CELEX Official legal database of the European Union

United Kingdom Treaty Series

United Nations Treaty Series

International Legal Materials

Also available on Hein

Selection of websites

Bank for International Settlements   The BIS is an international organisation which supports cooperation between banks. The site includes quick links to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
European Corporate Governance Institute   Offers free full text access to a current  Working Paper series published on the SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

Institute of International Commercial law


Provides the full text of treaties in a range of European languages

HMSO-UK legislation


Full text UK statutes and SI's from 1988 onwards

UNCITRAL - United Nations Commission on International Trade Law


Site includes full-text of conventions, legislative guides and recommendations and a database of related international case law

UNIDROIT - International Institute for the Unification of Private Law


Site includes the UNIDROIT conventions since 1964


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Online guide to finding cases in the library

Selection of titles held by the Library or available in full text on the Internet

Australian corporations and securities reports

Also available on Lexis

British company cases

Butterworths company law cases

Also available on Lexis

European commercial cases

Selection of websites with full-text court reports

Corporate law judgments
Database of corporate law judgments for Australia from 1999 onwards

England and Wales High Court (Commercial Court) Decisions
A BAILII database containing decisions of the commercial high court of England and Wales from 1999 onwards

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Journal Articles

Online guide to finding journal articles in the library

Selection of titles held by the Library or available in full text on the Internet

Butterworths journal of international banking and financial law  

Company lawyer

Also available on Westlaw

Corporate rescue and insolvency Also available on Lexis

Delaware journal of corporate law

Also available on Hein

European business law review also available on Kluwer Online

European business organisation law review

Also available on Cambridge Online

Corporate rescue & insolvency

Also available on Lexis

International company and commercial law review

Also available on Westlaw

Journal of business law

Also available on Westlaw

Journal of corporate law studies Also available on Ingenta
Modern law review Also available on Hein


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