Celex European Union database

Celex (Communitatis Europeae Lex) is a large collection of European Union official documents, available at IALS as part of the Justis online service.  It is accompanied on Justis by the Official Journal C series (OJ C).


Justis is available onsite at IALS to all members of the Library. Remote access is available to IALS staff, fellows and students, other academic members of the Library and academic members of Senate House Library (see Offsite Access to IALS Electronic Resources).

When logging in, you will come to a Justis Sign In screen saying "You have been automatically authenticated". There is no need to enter an ID and password here - just click on the Continue button.


The Celex database contains: -

Cases from the European Court of Justice, Court of First Instance/General Court and Civil Service Tribunal; 1954 -
Primary legislation: the founding Treaties etc.; both original and amended versions are available; 1951 -
Secondary legislation as originally published, with separate lists of amendments; 1952 -
National implementation data
Proposals: this part of Celex does not just contain proposals, but also Council common positions, opinions of the European Parliament and other documents. Dates of coverage vary. Full text is only available from around the mid-1990s onwards.
EU external agreements: 1950s - .  Full text only available from around the mid-1990s onwards.

The Official Journal C series is available from 1990 onwards. Types of information published in the OJ C include proposals for legislation, European Parliament minutes, court notices and treaties.


The Justis home page offers a Quick search facility. This searches across all the Justis databases to which IALS subscribes, not just EU materials.  It is best used to find a specific document, such as a case or item of legislation. Suggestions and tips are available on this screen.

For a detailed search template, click on EU.  The default is to search the whole of Celex and the OJ C; to restrict your search to one or more specific sources, e.g. EU Legislation, click on Data Sources and select as required.  For search tips, click on the i buttons.

Viewing results

On the Results screen, you can scroll through a brief display of all the results, or choose particular documents to display in full.

Tip: the results list can be sorted by reference, title or year by clicking on the appropriate column heading on the results screen.

The search can be narrowed down further by entering additional search terms in the Filter Results Profiles box on the Results screen. If you want to go back to the search template to edit your search, click on the Search tab.

Documents can be selected for printing, e-mailing and downloading using the check boxes on the Results screen


You can browse Celex or the OJ C by year.  Click on the Index and Contents button towards the top right-hand side of the screen, then use the + signs; tick the year you require, then click on Show Results at the top of the screen. So many documents will come up that it is advisable to use Filter Results Profiles to narrow down the results.

Help Files

The EU search screen has i buttons which provide search examples and contextual help.

Click on Help and Information to access the Celex user guide and other information.