EU Official Journal C series

The Official Journal C Series database is part of the online service. It consists of the full text of the European Union's Official Journal: Information and Notices (the C series) from 1990 to date.


The database is available onsite at IALS to all members of the Library. Remote access is available for IALS staff, fellows and students, other academic members of the Library and academic members of Senate House Library (see Offsite Access to IALS Electronic Resources) .

When logging in, you will come to a Justis Sign In screen saying "You have been automatically authenticated". There is no need to enter an ID and password here - just click on the Continue button.


The database starts from 1990.  A wide variety of EU official documents are included, such as:

Case summaries
Court notices
Primary legislation
Competition notices
Opinions, reports, recommendations and communications issued by various EU bodies
Minutes of the European Parliament (EP)


The Justis home page offers a Quick search facility which searches across all the Justis databases to which IALS subscribes, not just the OJ C. It is best used to search for a specific document. Suggestions and tips are available on this screen.

For a detailed search template, click on EU. The default is to search all EU sources; to restrict your search to the OJ C, deselect Celex and OJ Daily. It is also advisable to use the OJ C drop-down menu to select either EP Minutes (European Parliament minutes) or Main (everything else). Search boxes can be added or removed by clicking on Add / Remove Fields. For search tips, click on the i buttons.