IALS Library's subscription to Justis covers United Kingdom legislation, European Union materials, the International Law Reports, the Singapore Law Reports, Caribbean case law and the JustCite search tool and citator. PDF facsimiles of the original printed documents are available.

UK Acts

  • Public and general acts from 1235 onwards, as originally passed, with lists of amendments; includes Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland acts and measures. Local acts from 1797 onwards.

UK Statutory Instruments

  • UK SIs from 1949 onwards, as originally made, plus those earlier instruments that were still in force at the end of 1948. Includes Northern Ireland Orders, Scottish Statutory Instruments (SSIs) and Welsh Statutory Instruments.

EU materials (Celex)

  • All EU cases, primary legislation (the Treaties) and secondary legislation; proposals for legislation and international agreements from around the late 1990s onwards; national implementation data; the Official Journal C series 1990 onwards; other EU official publications.

International Law Reports

  • Entire series, 1919 onwards. ILR publishes decisions of international courts and tribunals and the decisions of municipal courts in matters of international law.

Singapore Law Reports

  • Cases published in the print edition (1992 onwards), plus an archive of older cases going back to 1965.

Bermuda Law Reports

  • The official law reports of Bermuda, including judgments of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, 1986 onwards.

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Cases

  • Cases from both divisions of the ECSC (the High Court and the Court of Appeal), 2003 onwards.

Justis Jamaican Cases

  • Cases from the Supreme Court of Jamaica and the Court of Appeal of Jamaica, 1999 onwards.

Justis BVI Cases

  • Cases from the higher civil and criminal courts of the British Virgin Islands, 1996 onwards.


  • A search tool covering cases, legislation and journal articles. Lists cases or legislation cited/citing and commentary in journals. Links to cases, legislation and articles on other databases (such as Lexis Library and Oxford Journals) as well as on Justis.


Justis is available onsite at IALS to all members of the Library. Remote access is restricted to academic members of IALS Library and Senate House Library (see Offsite Access to IALS Electronic Resources) .


A basic search facility is available on the Justis home page, covering everything except JustCite; JustCite has its own search facility, at the bottom of the home page.

For a specialist search screen, select Cases, Legislation or EU, as required. To see what each specialist search screen covers, click on Data Sources; this button also allows you to restrict your search to specific sources.

Viewing results

Use the 'Sort by' drop-down menu at the top to sort the search results by date or other criteria. To display the full text of a document, click on its title. PDF versions of

Refine your search from the Results screen by entering additional search terms in the Text Filter box on the left. You can also filter by type of source: for example, with a legislation search, you could use this filter to select statutes only, instead of statutes and statutory instruments.

To go back to the search screen to edit your search, click on the blue Search button at the top.


Browse the Justis modules by clicking on Index and Contents, top-right. Click on the '+' sign next to the desired database (e.g. Cases) then select a sub-category and/or year and click on "Show results".

Help Files

A Justis Help link and help desk contact details are available at the bottom of every screen (except the Index and Contents screen).  On the search screens, buttons marked with a '?'  provide search examples and contextual help.

Printing, emailing and downloading

After you have run a search or displayed a document, buttons for printing, emailing and downloading will appear towards the top of the screen.