Le doctrinal

Le Doctrinal Plus offers a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary sources on the law of France.  The interface and help files are in French throughout.  Most of the content is in French, with some English-language publications indexed.  For ease of use, there is full interlinking between the different databases, so that users can display the full text of various documents linked to their search results.


The database is available onsite to all Library members. Remote access is available to authorised academic members.


Le Doctrinal Plus contains:

an index to French law journals: Le Doctrinal  More than 150 journals are indexed, and the database is updated daily.  Some journals of international scope and in English are included in the index.  Data starts from 1993.
a digest of, and commentary on, significant French court decisions: Jurisprudence Clé
full text primary material for France including the Journal Officiel, the Codes, and decisions of the higher courts: Sources Officielles Françaises
The treaties, legislation and court decisions of the European Union, in French: Sources Officielles Européennes


Users can choose one database at a time to search (recherche monosource) or more than one database (recherche multisource).  For each database, you can select a simple search or an expert search for a selction of fields and operators.

Help files

For a quick guide to the database, including how to search, click on "Aide" at the top of the screen and then "guide rapide".