Lexis 360

Lexis 360 is a French law database. It includes legislation, cases, journals and encyclopedias.


On-site access

On-site access is available to all academic members of IALS Library. When using one of the IALS PCs,  no ID or password is required. 

You can use your own tablet or laptop (but not mobile phone) to access Lexis 360 on-site at IALS, but Lexis 360 requires you to create your own Lexis 360 username and password to do this. To create a username and password:

Remote access

Remote access is available to IALS fellows, IALS students and IALS academic staff only.

Lexis requires remote users to create their own Lexis 360 account, as follows:

  • go to http://ials.sas.ac.uk/library/legal-databases-and-digital-resources/elec... and select Lexis 360; 
  • click on ‘Remote access…’; 
  • enter generic login details for remote access to IALS databases: 
    • username = [your family name]
    • password = [the barcode number from your IALS library card];
  • on Lexis 360 page, click on red ‘Se connecter’ button; 
  • click on ‘Créer un profil maintenant’ (‘Create an account now’) and fill in the required information.

Once you have set up a Lexis 360 account, you will be able to access Lexis 360 remotely by entering your generic remote login details (see above) AND THEN your Lexis 360 login details.


  • Legislation:  more than 70 French codes, some of which are annotated;
    • French laws, decrees and other instruments (see Recherche - Textes);
    • EU legislation (included in the ‘Législation et Réglementation’ search category on the Accueil tab, together with French codes and laws).
  • Cases: decisions of the Conseil constitutionnel, Conseil d'Etat, Cour de cassation, Cours d'appel and other French courts, many with commentary and analysis; EU and ECHR cases.
  • Journals: 36 full-text French law journals; abstracts from about 100 other titles (see Recherche tab – Revues – Autres Revues).
  • Encyclopedias:  more than 50 legal encyclopedias (online versions of looseleaf titles).
  • Study guides and revision material for students (Fiches pédagogiques), including overviews of key legal topics.
  • Practical briefings (Synthèses JurisClasseur):  outlines of the current state of the law, arranged by topic.


The home page offers basic (Recherche Lexis 360) and advanced search (Recherche multi-critères) facilities.

The Recherche tab offers tailored search forms for the following types of material:  journals, encyclopedias, cases, legislative and regulatory texts, codes.


The Contenus tab allows users to browse journals, codes, encyclopedias, Fiches pédagogiques and Synthèses JurisClasseur.

TIP:  to browse a code, open its contents list by clicking on ACCÉDER AU PLAN.

Printing, Emailing and Downloading

When you open a document, printi email and download options appear on the right-hand side: 

  • to print click on IMPRIMER;
  • to download click on TÉLÉCHARGER; 
  • to email click on PARTAGER. 

To print selected items from a list of search results, make your selection using the check-boxes, then click on the printer, envelope (email) or down-arrow (download) icons at the top of the list.