Westlaw International Materials

Access to Westlaw International Materials is via the Services menu on Westlaw UK.
Westlaw International Materials contains legal publications and documentation relating to the United States, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. It also has international law content. 


The ‘Westlaw International Materials’ link from the IALS Electronic Law Library initially goes into Westlaw UK (via the Library Catalogue). From Westlaw UK, go to the Services menu and select ‘International Materials’. 

Westlaw is available onsite to all academic members of the library. Remote access is restricted to IALS staff, IALS fellows and IALS students; other users should ask their own college or university library about remote access.


International law

  • cases and other material from international courts and arbitral bodies
  • journals of international law
  • EU treaties, US treaties, tax treaties, arbitration treaties

Some international content is under ‘International Administrative Materials’, then ‘Multi-National Administrative Materials’ (starting from the Westlaw IM homepage). Many journals of international law are in the World Journals Collection, but others appear only in the US or Canadian journal collections.


  • federal and some state cases
  • treaties
  • a few journals and one book


  • federal and provincial legislation
  • federal and provincial cases, with KeyCite Canada citator
  • journals and books
  • Canadian Encyclopedic Digest

United States

  • federal and state legislation
  • federal and state cases, with KeyCite citator
  • treaties (see: United States > Administrative Decisions & Guidance > Federal Administrative Decisions & Guidance > Department of State)
  • large collections of books and encyclopedias, including Corpus Juris Secundum
  • large collection of journals

Other jurisdictions

  • Westlaw IM includes a few resources from Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and elsewhere


On the International Materials home page, the default is to search within all content except US material. To search US content as well, select 'All Content' from the drop-down menu next to the search box (alternatively, click on ‘U.S. Materials’ to enter the US part of the database and search from there).

The International Materials search facility also covers the contents list of the whole database (including US material). Search the contents list by the title of a publication, e.g. Harvard Law Review, or the name of a collection, e.g. International Court of Justice Decisions.

To search by citation, use Advanced Search. If it is a US citation, select All Content before running the search.

Printing, saving and emailing

Click on the green down-arrow icon (top-right) to save, print or email one or more documents.


Thomson Reuters’ own user guides are available via the Training and Support link at the bottom of the page on Westlaw IM.

IALS Library provides Westlaw guides which are tailored to the IALS subscription: see Quick Guides to Key Databases.