The IALS Think Tank

The IALS Think Tank on Law Reform

The IALS Think Tank

Within its research facilitation mission, the IALS responds to the public consultation for the Commission's 12th Programme of Law Reform by establishing the IALS Think Tank on Law Reform, and submitting a proposal to the Commission.

The IALS Think Tank is an initiative aiming to collect the valuable expertise of the many Fellows and staff of the IALS, invite proposals for law reform, selecting the most appropriate one, offering feedback and advice for its refinement, endorsing the final product, and submitting it to the Commission in time for its consideration in the public consultation for its programmes.

The Think Tank is chaired by Helen Xanthaki, Professor of Law and Legislative Drafting and Academic Director of the Sir William Dale Centre. Its members include, in alphabetical order, Prof. Philip Baker, QC; Daniel Greenberg; Professor Andy Haynes; Stephen Mason; Dr. Constantin Stefanou; and Dr. Simone White.

Reports of the IALS Think Tank

1st Report of the IALS Think Tank - the Mason Report of the IALS Think Tank on the reform of the law concerning the presumption that mechanical instruments - in particular computers (now an out-of-date concept) are 'in order'.

2nd Report of the IALS Think Tank - the Robinson Report of the IALS Think Tank on The European Commission's Proposal for a new Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Regulation

Annex to the Robinson Report - Outline for an Interinstitutional Agreement on EU Regulation (William Robinson, 2015)