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Protecting victims' rights in the EU

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies together with the Centre for European Constitutional Law - Themistokles & Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation have just been awarded the 200,000 Euros European Commission project "Protecting victims' rights in the EU; an aid to the implementation of the European Directive establishing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime".

Professor Helen Xanthaki
and Dr. Constantin Stefanou of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies at IALS form part of the project team. The expected outcome of the project is a comparative report and concrete policy recommendations for the effective implementation of the Directive, which will highlight the responsiveness of the Directive provisions to the challenges in each member state, elements which might jeopardize the implementation of the Directive particularly in cross border situations and include an ex-ante assessment of the effectiveness of the Directive. The project will commence on  December 3rd ,2012 and will have a duration of 18 months (end date is 2nd June 2014).