Higher Degrees Committee (Taught Courses)

Meets twice a year April and October.

Terms of Reference
Has responsibility:

  • To consider, and make recommendations to AQSC, proposals for new taught programmes of study and proposals for significant changes to existing programmes of study.
  • Consideration of proposed new programmes should include a business case approved by the Institute’s Management Committee.
  • To regularly monitor the Institute’s taught programmes of study by considering reports from External Examiners, minutes of Exam Boards, minutes of Staff-Student Liaison Committees, reports from Course Directors, recommendations and minutes from the AQSC and PTES surveys.  The HDC can also request the Institute to provide additional reports, such as student surveys, financial reports etc. 
  • To formulate and keep under review information, guidelines and procedures for programmes of study provided to applicants and students.
  • Be responsible for the implementation of School and University regulations regarding the monitoring and quality assurance of taught programmes at the Institute.
  • Approve the appointment of Associate Lecturers on programmes of study at the Institute.
  • Meet once per term, or at least twice per academic year.
  • Regularly review the membership of the committee to ensure it functions to effectively monitor taught programmes at the Institute. 

Professor Carl Stychin (Chair)
Dr Mahmood Bagheri (Course Director: LLM ICGFREL)
Professor Spyros Maniatis (Queen Mary University of London)
Dr Constantin Stefanou (Director of Taught Programmes and Director LLM ALS)
Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos (Brunel University)
Alex Bussey (IALS)
Ivan Leonidov (SAS Programme Coordinator- IALS, Secretary)  

Student Representative
Benedict Turner

Page last updated: 14th January 2019