Picture of IALS MA graduates


"With a career of ten years exclusively dedicated to tax law, I had long been waiting for a modular and flexible part-time post-graduate degree like the MA in Taxation (Law, Administration & Practice). Living and working full time in Portugal , the full-time LLM programmes available in countries like Austria , the Netherlands or the United Kingdom were inaccessible and I was excited about this new programme for the opportunity of finally developing my capabilities in tax law by learning with some of the most renowned tax law academics and practitioners in the international arena.

The least I can say is that the MA exceeded my expectations. On the one hand, teaching is technically world-class as expected but much more interactive than I anticipated, rendering lectures much more lively and stimulating. Secondly, my colleagues have a varied and rich academic and professional background, which ensures that discussions have very high standards, significantly enhancing the learning environment.

Taking the MA was definitely a wise decision and I have been recommending it to several tax lawyers and tax consultants wishing to step-up their level."

Rui Camacho Palma
Managing Associate
Linklaters LLP, Lisbon
MA Taxation 2008/09


"Everyone, at some point in his working life, needs to go back to 'school'. It provides new tools and reshapes one's analytical mind. I suddenly realised this when participating in an international tax planning seminar in London at the IALS. A professor there mentioned that they were planning to offer an MA for tax professionals and the idea of applying for it stayed with me throughout the whole summer, at the end of which I decided to have a go.

At this point the classes are nearly finished and I' m preparing for my exams.

However it goes, this has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of my life, something that has changed my way of approaching problems and attempting to resolve them.

I know that I have had the opportunity to meet and engage with the thinking that makes London the number one destination for tax specialists: 'Grazius ex ipso fonte bibuntur aquae'. (Water is best when drunk from the spring). Ovidio, Epistalae ex Ponto 3, 5, 18

And yet there is a problem: the spring is in London and I am here in Florence !"

Philip Laroma
Tombari-Laroma & Associati
MA Taxation 2008/2009


"A legal background is useful but not essential, and an accounting and finance training brings a useful ingredient to the mix. Awash with lively, motivated and strong participants, the seminars are both challenging and rewarding. The lecture team here assembled is of the very finest quality which results in an endeavour not for the faint-hearted. This inaugural course is set to flourish and mature into a highly respected course in postgraduate taxation education; I am extremely pleased to be able to say that I was here when the doors opened."

Rowland Ward
Financial Controller
Gowlain Building Group Contractors Ltd
MA Taxation 2008/09


"Deciding to take a year off from work in order to pursue a masters course can be a difficult decision. Choosing the appropriate course can make that decision even tougher. Having approached the end of the course, I truly believe that the MA in Taxation offered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies with its course structure, selection of lectures and students was the right choice. The MA represents a true investment in yourself and your career."

Mark Lautier
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Malta
Tax and Legal Services
MA Taxation 2008/09


"The MA program is providing me the opportunity for a formal tax training having worked in taxation for over 18 years in the public and private sectors in many countries across Africa. The course focus on law, policy and adminstration is excellent and fit for purpose.The students on the course come from varying background and a rich mix of experience. The course faculty has been excellent and the program has been designed for full time and part time participant in mind. It suits many of us who have to keep working. The program is flexible and the location ideal. I can see this program attaining enviable heights in the near future and I would recommend it highly for those seeking to have a firm theoretical and practical basis for work in taxation. "

Edem Andah
International Tax Manager
Baker Hughes Limited
MA Taxation 2008/09