IALS W G Hart Legal Workshop

W G Hart Legal Workshop: 2005

The 32nd W G Hart Legal Workshop, again subsidised by the eponymous bequest, addressed the theme: Understanding Law and Legal Process: the Approaches, Value and outcomes of Empirical Research. Professor Martin Partington (Law Commission) and Professor Hazel Genn (University College London) acted as Academic Directors of the Workshop, which attracted 58 papers from participants from the UK and a number of overseas countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Poland and the United States. The Workshop ran from Tuesday 28th June 2005 to Thursday 30th June 2005.


Workshop Speakers:

Paul Almond, University of Reading
An Inspector's Eye View: the Prospective Enforcement of Work Related Fatality Cases

T. Amodu, London School of Economics
Resolving Land-use Planning Dilemmas by Agreement: Regulatory Transition in the

Becky Batagol, Monash University, Australia
Family Mediation in Australia- Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law?

Ed Cape, University of the West of England; Anona Mitchell, Coventry University; Lee Bridges, University of Warwick; Avrom Sherr, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies; Richard Moorhead, University of Cardiff
Evaluating the Pilot: Public Defender Service in England and Wales

Helen Carr, The Law Commission for England and Wales
"What's Love got to do with it?" Making sense of Evictions from Supported Housing

Ursula Cheer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Defamation in New Zealand - Effects on the Media

Helen Codd, University of Central Lancashire
Integrating Empirical Research: Prisoners' Rights, the Law and the Family

Assafa Endeshaw, University of Wolverhampton
A Framework for an Empirical Inquiry into Intellectual Property and Policy in Developing Countries

Lori Frater, Environmental Agency and Robert Lee, University of Cardiff
Surveying Commercial and Industrial Waste, or Data, Data Everywhere nor any Time to Think

Malgorzata Fuszara and Jacek Kurczewski, University of Warsaw, Poland
Top Judges in New Poland

Hazel Genn, University College London
When Worlds Collide: Mediation Policy and Practice

Hazel Genn, University College London and Martin Partington, Law Commission
The Future of Empirical Research in Law and Legal Process - Challenges and Opportunities. The (draft) Nuffield Inquiry Report

Nicola Glover-Thomas and Warren Barr, University of Liverpool
Charitable Involvement in Housing the Mentally Vulnerable: Socio-Legal Reflections upon Empirical Data

Caroline Hunter, Sarah Blandy and Judy Nixon, Sheffield Hallam University; Dave Cowan, University of Bristol
Researching Judges: Experiences from an Empirical Research Project on Housing Possession

Neil Kibble, University of Aberystwyth
Uncovering Judicial Perspectives on Questions of Relevance and Admissibility in Sexual Offences Cases: Lessons Learned from Interviewing 80 Judges

Herbert M. Kritzer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Insurance Defense Practise: Professionalism in a Commodity World

Jacek Kurczewski, University of Warsaw, Poland
Change of Regime and the use of Justice in Poland

Nicola Lacey, London School of Economics
Analytical and Empirical Foundations of Legal Scholarship

Bettina Lange, University of Keele
What is law in European Union (EU) Integration?

David Lewis , Middlesex University
The Contents of Whistleblowing/Confidential Reporting Procedures in the UK: Some Lessons from Empirical Research

Christopher McCrudden (with Robert Ford and Anthony Heath), University of Oxford
Legal Regulation of Affirmative Action in Northern Ireland: An Empirical Assessment

Carolina Toschi Maciel, Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina - UNISUL, Brazil
The Legal Protection of Vulnerable Adults Against Abuse: Disability Discrimination as a Category of Abuse and the Right of Being Equally Treated

Mavis Maclean, University of Oxford
Family Policy

Robyn Martin, University of Hertfordshire and Richard Coker, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Public Health Powers and Infectious Disease: A European Study

Judith Masson, University of Warwick
Not an Object of Concern - Children in Socio-legal Studies

Richard Moorhead, University of Cardiff
Judges, Unrepresented Litigants and the Search for Judgecraft

Anita Morrison and Roma Menlowe, Legal Studies Research Team, Scottish Executive, Scotland
The Scottish Experience

V. Munro, King's College London and E. Finch, University of East Anglia
Lifting the Veil: The Use of Focus Groups and Trial Reconstructions in Legal Research

Opi Outhwaite, Rob Black and Angela Laycock, University of Greenwich
Evaluating Biosecurity Law and Regulation

Alan Paterson, University of Strathclyde
Peer Review of Criminal Lawyers - the Scottish Experience

Amanda Perry-Kessaris, Birkbeck College, University of London
Recycle, Reduce and Reflect: Trying to Avoid Information Overload and Knowledge Deficit in Empirical Legal Research

Pascoe Pleasence, Legal Services Research Centre
Making a Difference? Identifying the Health, Social and Economic Impact of Debt Advice

Sue Prince, University of Exeter
Just Settlements or Just Settlements?

Judith Rowbotham, Nottingham Trent University
Reporting a Social Legal Disjuncture: Media Presentations of the Meaning of Burglary

James Sandbach, Citizens Advice
Advice Agencies as Legal Change Advocates

Colin Scott, London School of Economics
Governance Beyond the Regulatory State

Mark Sefton, Department for Constitutional Affairs
Small Claims Mediation in Exeter: The Consumer Perspective

Judith Sidaway, Department for Constitutional Affairs
Research and Government

Michelle Slatter, Flinders University, South Australia
Who cares? Researchers at Risk

Sara Slinn, Queens University, Canada
An Empirical Analysis of Legislative Change on Unionization

Maureen Spencer, Middlesex University
Labour Law History and Official Archives: the Industrial Relations Act 1971

Kim Stevenson, University of Plymouth
Reporting Legal Ingenuities: Representations of Sexual Offences in the Press

Maurice Sunkin, University of Essex and Varda Bondy, Public Law Project
Researching the Impacts of Public Law Litigation

Julie Vennard, University of Bristol
Tackling Prolific Offenders: Partnership in Action

Mary E. Vogel, University of Leicester
The Social Origins of Plea Bargaining: Estimating Effects of Discretion in Law

Victoria Wass, Robert McNabb, University of Cardiff and Grahame Codd, Irwin Mitchell
Loss of Earnings Following Personal Injury: Do the Courts Adequately Compensate Injured Claimants?

Sally Wheeler, Queen's University, Belfast
The Development of Empirical Research Creers: An Empirical Survey

Sarah Wilson, University of Keele
Reporting the Art of Fraud: Media Revelations. Complex Insecurities in the Legal Process