How to get a PhD in Law - Sample Programmes and Speakers

Sample Programmes

How to get a PhD in Law Day One programme

Day 1 What legal research skills will I need? Literature reviews, qualitative and quantitative research and comparative legal research      

Topics to be covered include:

  • Literature reviews and PhDs in Law
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research for PhDs
  • Comparative Legal Research
  • The Foreign, International and Comparative Law Research Collections at IALS Library
  • Research resources: apps, articles and attribution

How to getr a PhD in Law Day2 programme

Day 2 Meeting the key challenges

Topics to be covered include:

  • The challenges of researching a PhD: where to start?
  • Handling the Supervision Relationship
  • Free law e-resources available from IALS including the BAILII gateway
  • Student led discussion
  • IALS Global Law Library, making the most of electronic resources
  • The particular challenges of being an overseas PhD student
  • Tours of the IALS Library led by senior library staff.

How to get a PhD in Law Day 3 programme

Day 3: Preparing yourself for the vivas. Getting yourself known - presenting skills, publishing your work, and networking

Topics to be covered include:

  • Preparing yourself for the Ethics Committee
  • Practical presenting skills for your work and yourself
  • Preparing for the mini Viva and the Viva
  • Getting your research published in journals
  • What books are law publishers looking to publish?
  • Tips on defining and avoiding plagiarism
  • Tips on using Microsoft Word to write your thesis
  • Social media and keeping up-to-date


Speakers in the series of How to get a PhD in Law Training Days at IALS include:

  • Lisa Davies, Access Librarian, IALS
  • David Gee, Deputy Librarian, IALS
  • Laura Griffiths, Academic Services Librarian, IALS
  • Narayana Harave, Computing Services Librarian, IALS
  • Richard Hart, Managing Director, Hart Publishing
  • Sinead Moloney, Publisher, Hart Publishing, Oxford
  • Professor Avrom Sherr, Emeritus Professor of Law, IALS
  • Dr Constantin Stefanou, Director of Taught Programmes and Senior Lecturer in Law, Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies, IALS
  • Rachel Stickland, Deputy Registrar, School of Advanced Study
  • IALS Research Students
  • Hester Swift , Foreign and International Law Librarian, IALS
  • Joe Ury, Executive Director, BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute), IALS
  • Professor Lisa Webley, Professor of Empirical Legal Studies, University of Westminster and IALS
  • Steve Whittle, Information Systems Manager, IALS
  • Professor Jane Winters, Professor of Digital Humanities, School of Advanced Study
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