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These documents were given the numbers B1-B14.

Ref Dates Description

A.BARR 4 1991-1994 List of documents numbered B1-B14:-

B1 Application form 1991/1992 [wanting]

B2 Application form 1992/1993; 1993/1994

B3 Notes on admission procedure for the BVC 1993/1994

B4 Letters from Society of Black Lawyers on the subject of entrance procedures to the BVC, 16 May - 9 July 1992

B5 Letters from the CLE on the subject of entrance procedures to the BVC, 10 May - 4 June 1992

B6 Note on CR58 Committee 1992/1993, including criteria where ethnicity is used as a basis for special treatment

B7 Note on Selection Procedure to be introduced for admission to 1994/1995 BVC

B8 Letter from Peter Herbert to CLE on the subject of Admissions Procedures, 26 June 1992

B9 "Why am I being asked to take a test?" [published by The Psychological Corporation, USA, 1991]

B10 Booklet of tests [published by the Psychological Corporation, USA, 1990]

B11 Birkbeck College: Selection of Students for the ICSL, 6 Sept 1991

B12 Letter from Richard Williams to Lee Winetroube at the General Council of the Bar, 2 Oct 1992

B13 Correspondence with Dr Robin Oakley [wanting]

B14 Selection for the 1994/95 Vocational Course, 6 Jan 1994

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