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These papers were numbered D1-D21. Related papers and correspondence are in A.BARR 2.

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A.BARR 6/1 1991-1993 Contents list

Assessment and review papers D1-D3:-

D1 Assessment Regulations 1991/92

D2 Assessment Regulations 1992/93 [amendments to 1991/2 Regulations]

D3 Instructions to Assessors (In-course), 1991-1992

A.BARR 6/2 1990-1993 Papers D4-D6:-

D4 Instructions to Assessors (Final Assessment), 1992-1993

D5 Guidelines for the exercise of discretion adopted by the Board of Examiners, 1990/91; 1991/92

D6 Notes on the 1991/1992 Guidelines prepared by Adriane Keane, 17 Dec 1992

A.BARR 6/3 1990-1993 Papers D7-D13:-

D7 Table for conversion of marks, 1990-1992

D8 Review Board minutes, 19 Sept 1991

D9 Review Board minutes, 17-18 Sept 1992

D10 Report to Board of Examiners on 1992 Review, 17-18 Sept 1992

D11 Outline of Formal Assessment and Review Processes on the BVC, 1993

D12 Multiple choice tests - resits, 10 July 1992

D13 Assessment Feed-Back reports

A.BARR 6/4 1991-1993 Papers D14-D18:-

D14 Ethnic monitoring of In-course assessments 1992/93 and the first MCT

D15 The role and powers of the Review Board

D16 guidelines for condonation and resits [no number on document]

D17 Re-assessment records, 1991-1992

D18 Advocacy Final Assessment - Advocacy Skills 1992/93 - assessors' pack

A.BARR 6/5 1991-1993 Papers D19-D21:-

D19 Membership of the Board of Examiners, 1991-1993

D20 Resits, 1991-1992

D21 Notes for Assessors' Meeting, 6 Nov 1993

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