Terms of Reference and Membership 2023-24

Meets twice a year in May and November.   

The Advisory Council will act as a sounding board for the Director by:

  • Advising the Director on the institute’s aims and objectives both nationally and internationally;
  • Considering and advising the Director on strategic and operational plans for future development;
  • Advising the Director on developments within the subject area and implications and opportunities that may arise for collaboration, research promotion and facilitation, how to improve impact, research and teaching and interdisciplinary working;
  • Considering reports from the institute, and advise on any aspects of the institute’s work;
  • Advising the Dean, through the Chair on the appointment of the Director of the institute;
  • Assisting the School with institute and other reviews as appropriate;



The Rt Hon. Lord Lloyd-Jones

At least 8 members drawn from universities and similar organisations UK-wide including up to six from University of London Colleges

Professor Chris Ashford, Northumbria University               
Professor Stephen Bailey, University of Nottingham
Professor Eddie Bruce-Jones, School of Oriental and African Studies
Professor Heather Conway, Queens University, Belfast                                    
Professor Sharon Cowan, University of Edinburgh                                                  
Professor Marie Fox, University of Liverpool
Professor Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, Goldsmiths, University of London
Professor Michael Harker, Queen Mary University of London 
Professor Dan Hunter, King's College London
Professor David Kershaw, London School of Economics and Political Science
Professor Ioannis Lianos University College London  
Professor Devyani Prabhat, University of Bristol Law School  
Professor David Sugarman, Lancaster University
Professor Thomas Watkin, Bangor University

A maximum of six members drawn from partners / financial stakeholders not covered by the above but associated with the discipline

Professor Michael Lobban, Chair, Law Section, British Academy 
Professor Nicholas Hopkins, Law Commission  

At least one but up to two individuals representing academic libraries. Where there are two, at least one should be external to the University of London

David Wills, Squire Law Librarian, Cambridge University

At least one but up to two representatives of the national postgraduate research community

Shrutika Gandhi, Institute of Advance Legal Studies

An elected member of the academic staff of the Institute

Dr Nóra Ní Loideáin, Director, Information Law and Policy Centre, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 

Ex Officio Members

Dean, School of Advanced Study, Professor Jo Fox
Director of the Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, Professor Claire Langhamer
Director of Institute, Professor Carl Stychin
Librarian of the Institute, Marilyn Clarke

In attendance

Institute Manager (Secretary to the Council)
Alex Bussey