4th IALS Urban Law Day (2017) in cooperation with UN Habitat

The Urban Law Day is a specialised forum aiming to bring together a multidisciplinary circle of academics and practitioners interested in urban legislation, including planners, architects, policy makers, economists, urbanists, and lawyers. Its purpose is to facilitate discussion, the exchange of views, networking, and the presentation of new research findings or emerging issues. 

Picture of panel speakers for the 4th Urban Law Day

The Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies proudly organised the fourth Urban Law Day, which was held on 14 July 2017 at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and addressed legal issues linked to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. The 2017 Urban Law Day aimed to highlight the links between policy objectives and commitments in the New Urban Agenda and the enabling legislative and governance frameworks required for their implementation. 

Picture of Robert Lewis-Lettington (left) with Dr Maria Mousmouti and Dr Constantin Stefanou

Robert Lewis-Lettington, Head of the Legislation Unit of UN–Habitat opened the event with an overview of the commitments related to human rights and governance included in the New Urban Agenda. Dr. Maria Mousmouti, Lecturer in Law at the IALS examined what these commitments mean, how they impact urban policies and legislation and how can they be addressed. 

Picture of Steven Malby (left), Robert Lewis-Lettington (middle) and Dr Maria Mousmouti (right)

Steven Malby, Head of the Law Development Section, Rule of Law Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat contributed a commonwealth perspective on urban governance. Last but not least, Thomaz Ramalho, UN Habitat Angola, Joost Möhlmann, UN Habitat Mozambique and Tarek Osseiran, UN Habitat Lebanon presented regional and country experiences in relation to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. 

The Urban Law Day falls within the context of the Urban Law Initiative which is based on a research cooperation between UN Habitat and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. 

Picture of attendees, speakers and organisers of the 4th Urban Law Day on the steps outside the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies