CALL FOR PAPERS - IALS/Society of Legal Scholars: The Bribery Act: 10 Years On

The Bribery Act received Royal Assent in April 2010. This expansive piece of legislation was introduced not only following recognition that the old law governing bribery was old and lacked clarity, but also in the wake of significant controversies (including the ‘cash for questions’ scandal and the dropping of the BAE Systems prosecution purportedly on the grounds of national security). 
The 2010 Act both updated and reformed the anti-bribery framework. It contains a robust range of offences: bribing a person; being bribed; bribing foreign officials; and failure to prevent bribery. The Act extends to activity that takes place in the UK ‘or elsewhere’. Significantly, not only can the company itself be prosecuted, but so too can individual officials (with penalties up to 10 years imprisonment). 

Ten years on from the Bribery Act receiving Royal Asset, this 2-day symposium will bring together leading experts, from practice, policy and academia, to discuss and analyse the legislation and its operation thus far. 

The symposium will be held on May 28 & 29, 2020 at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), Russell Square, London.
If you are interested in presenting at this event, please submit an abstract (up to 500 words) to Eliza Boudier by January 31, 2020
International speakers are welcome, to ensure anti-bribery insights from other jurisdictions.