Conference on Effective Law and Regulation Successfully Completed

The conference on ‘Effective Law and Regulation’ aimed to explore the concept of effectiveness of primary legislation and regulation from a multidisciplinary perspective. It brought together scholars and experts on legislation and regulation who contributed distinct perspectives on concepts related to the quality and the effectiveness of legislation (legislative studies, regulation, administrative law, theory of law, political science, law and economics). 

Picture of Professor Helen Xanthaki, Panel 1

The first panel addressed effectiveness as an aspect of legislative quality and the rule of law and hosted contributions from Maria de Benedetto, Professor of administrative Law at the Department of Political Science of the Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Helen Xanthaki, Professor of Law at University College London and Director of International PG Laws Programmes and Maria Mousmouti, Lecturer at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of the University of London. Prof. de Benedetto addressed the question why do we need effective law, Prof. Xanthaki examined effectiveness as a criterion of legislative quality and Dr. Mousmouti discussed how legislative effectiveness can be made an operational concept. 

Picture of Dr Constantin Stefanou and Panel 2

The second panel focused on the policy and economics of legislative and regulatory effectiveness and hosted contributions from Constantin Stefanou, Director of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Mauro Zamboni, Professor of Legal Theory at the University of Stockholm and Florian Wagner-von Papp, Reader in Law at UCL Laws and Director of the Centre for Law & Economics. Dr. Stefanou explored the policy side of effectiveness, Prof. Zamboni focused on legislative policy and effectiveness and Dr Wagner-von Papp on a law & economics perspective on effective legislation. 

Picture of Dr Constantin Stefanou and Panel 3

The third panel dealt with tools for effective rules and regulation and hosted contributions from Nicoletta Rangone, Professor of Economic Law at the Department of economic, political sciences and modern languages at LUMSA University, Claudio Radaelli, Professor of Political Science and Director at the Centre for European Governance of the University of Exeter and Florentin Blanc from the World Bank Group, Trade and Competitiveness Practice. Prof. Rangone examined the tools for effective law with  a focus on nudge and empowerment, Prof. Radaelli addressed the question whether impact assessment make a difference for effective law and Mr Blanc focused on regulatory inspections and enforcement and whether "more" means "more effective". 

This conference falls within the work of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies on legislative quality and the promotion of good legislative practice around the world. The conference papers will be published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2018.