IALS Archive designated an “Accredited Archive Service” by the TNA

IALS Library’s small specialist legal archive has recently been designated an “Accredited Archive Service” by The National Archives (TNA). IALS is very pleased to be recognised by the TNA with this national archive award which demonstrates the quality of our archive service and the good management of the unique legal archives deposited there for the long-term. For the future, the TNA accreditation award will help IALS apply for external funding for archive conservation projects and archive cataloguing projects which will help to improve and develop the IALS Archives still further. The significant upgrade of the IALS Archive Room to national archive standards (as part of the IALS Transformation Project) was key to achieving this award.

We plan to display the TNA accreditation status certificate in the new glass display cabinets in the library entrance corridor on the 2nd floor of the IALS building.