IALS Library wins the Wallace Breem Memorial Award 2016

(l-r) Laura Griffiths, David Gee and Katherine Read

We are thrilled to announce that IALS Library was been awarded the Wallace Breem Memorial Award 2016.

(l-r) Katherine Read, Laura Griffiths and Karen Palmer

The award recognizes especially good contributions to law librarianship and is sponsored by the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) and the Inner Temple. Laura Griffiths and Katherine Read received the award from Karen Palmer, President of BIALL, at the First Night Dinner at the BIALL Conference in Dublin on 9th June.

The Library won the Award in recognition for its work on two projects which were commended for being of great benefit to law librarians across the country. The first was the compilation of the Current Awareness column, which is published in Legal Information Management and made available through the free caLIM database on the IALS website. The column highlights recent publications of interest to law librarians, arranged by key theme. It was described as “terrifically useful” and has been praised for its “impressive number of pertinent articles”. Katherine Read and Laura Griffiths have been producing this column in LIM for nearly ten years.

Wallace Breem Award 2016

The second was the annual BIALL / SLS Survey of Academic Law Libraries, which has been administered by David Gee and Laura Griffiths since 2011. This survey provides a snapshot of staffing levels, expenditure, subscriptions and services provided by academic law libraries in the UK and Ireland. It is the only survey of its kind and provides data that academic librarians can to use to bench-mark their own services. The report is published each year in the winter edition of Legal Information Management, and is made available on the IALS website.

The Library was commended by the BIALL President for administering these two projects with care and diligence.