IALS PhD student proposes reforms to the M&A Sector/ Private Securities Market

The Law Commission – the statutory independent body created to keep the law of England and Wales under review and to recommend reform where it is needed – is hosting an online conference about its 14th Programme of Law Reform. Tuğçe Yalçın, a second year law PhD student at IALS, will present a proposal on the "Reforms to the M&A Sector / Private Securities Market", which deals i.a. with the rapidly increasing cross-border M&A transactions as well as the remarkable growth and expansion of the unregulated private securities.

Tuğçe will argue that the shift of the capital-raising activity from the public to the private securities market, and thus the avoidance of the mandatory disclosure regime of the public securities market, show the need for legal reform to ensure that the law is fair, modern, simple and cost effective.