IALS Support for OSCOLA for postgraduate students and researchers this spring

The IALS Library can assist you with the use of the OSCOLA in several different ways.

Introductory lecture
A one-hour lecture, introducing you the fundamental principles of OSCOLA, was held in February and will be repeated on Tuesday 15th March at 3pm in the IALS Council Chamber. There is no need to book a place, just turn up. This lecture covers the following points:

  • avoiding plagiarism
  • citing legislation & cases
  • citing books & journal articles
  • citing websites & online material
  • writing your bibliography
  • keeping your word count down by cross referencing footnotes

Online guide
A free online guide, summarizing the key points to remember when citing your references using OSCOLA, is available on the IALS website at: http://libguides.ials.sas.ac.uk/referencing. It includes examples of citations for different types of materials.

One-to-one advice
If you are unsure how to cite a particular source, are struggling to understand the OSCOLA guidelines, or just need some reassurance that your footnotes are in good order, then you can make an appointment for one-to-one advice. The appointments are free and last for 30 minutes. Because they take place in the Library itself, only those with a current IALS Library card or SAS-card can make use of this service. To make an appointment, email ials@sas.ac.uk, call 0207 862 5790 or ask at the Enquiry Desk on the 2nd Floor.

On the spot advice
Don’t forget that you can ask us questions at the 2nd Floor Enquiry Desk or by email. One of the OSCOLA help team is normally available from Monday to Friday until 5pm. Of course if you have lots of questions, it will be better for you to make an appointment.