IALS supports the new Ghana Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (GIALS)

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies has played a major role in helping towards the establishment of the Ghana Institute of Advanced Legal Studies by its founding Director, Professor Stephen Offei.

The new headquarters of the Ghana Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (GIALS) in Accra was inaugurated on 18th June 2015 at a ceremony attended by a large audience including leading figures in the legal community in Ghana. The ceremony, chaired by His Lordship Professor Justice S.K. Date Bah, was held at the new Faculty of Law building of the University of Ghana followed by the cutting of the ribbon and a tour of GIALS. Five Supreme Court Justices, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, the deputy Chief Justice, Deans of all the University Law Schools, President of the Bar Association and many others were present. Jules Winterton, Director of IALS was among the speakers.

On the preceding evening a Public Lecture was delivered by Jules Winterton, Director of IALS, at the British Council in Accra and chaired by Nana Dr S.K.B. Asante, Chairman of the GIALS Advisory Council, to celebrate the inauguration of GIALS. The programme, ‘Legal Education at the Crossroads’, included a lecture written by Professor Avrom Sherr of the IALS with a survey of recent developments in legal education in England and Wales by Jules Winterton, remarks by the Chairman and an open discussion from the audience.

GIALS is a legal scholarship and research-orientated independent institution and the second of its kind in Africa aimed at leading legal research in Ghana and Africa. The IALS in London has played a part in the establishment of both GIALS and some years ago the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. IALS has provided books to develop the GIALS Library and negotiated sponsorship by HeinOnline, a product of William S Hein & Co., and by LLMC Digital.

GIALS will provide a world-class legal think-tank and research institution whose work and influence will transcend the country. It will provide the necessary leadership and focus in legal research and policy dialogue. GIALS has been established to pursue, among others, the following goals: to provide a platform for legal advocacy and law reform initiatives; to initiate research into important issues of law reform and legal institutional development; to provide an avenue for the discussion and cross-fertilisation of ideas regarding the development of law in Ghana; to contribute towards the legal education in Ghana; to initiate and implement social development projects; to contribute towards the capacity building of law faculties and slaw schools in the country. A national summit of legal education in Ghana is high on the list of priorities.


Press Release from Hein Online July 2015.

For more information, please see also the GIALS website.