IALS Transformation Project 2018-2020 Update April 2020

The New 5th Floor

The Project Team at IALS is very pleased to announce that the new 5th floor, the last of the floors to be completed, was handed over to the University on Friday 6th March 2020 and new furniture was installed during week commencing the 9th of March 2020.

The Institute Director and the Academic and Administrative teams have been based at Dilke House in Malet Street since May 2018.   Unfortunately, due to the rapidly escalating Covid 19 situation it has not proved possible for them to take up residence on the 5th floor as planned.

Staff computers and crates were transferred from Dilke House on Thursday 19th March but there was no opportunity for staff to come in and unpack prior to the closure of University buildings on Friday 20th. Suffice to say that as soon as the green light is given for staff to return to IALS, the 5th floor will be up and running without delay.

In addition to the Institute Director and administrative team, the floor will house the Information Law & Policy Centre and the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies. There will also be a new expanded space for PhD students, a flexible space for use by Fellows and for Institute events, together with offices for the new University of London Refugee Law Clinic. 

The Project Team is continuing to explore options and costs for limited, further works on the lower floors of the Institute. 

Feedback, comments, questions and concerns are very welcome and can be sent to the Project Team by emailing ials2020@london.ac.uk

Thank You 
The Project Team