IALS Transformation Project News

The refurbishment of the 3rd floor is proceeding according to schedule. Looking forward to the completion of the second phase of transformation, plans are in place for the opening of the new 3rd floor.

From Monday 17th of June we will start a 3-week transition period during which the library shelving and books from the 2nd floor will relocate to the 3rd and the new library desks will be installed. This will be essentially a repeat of the successful process utilised earlier in the year to transfer shelving and books from the 3rd to the new 4th floor. The library entrance will remain on the 4th floor until later in the programme. All the books on the 2nd floor will also be cleaned prior to being moved.

As the 3rd floor is assembled, the 2nd floor will be gradually emptied. During the first week and in order to minimise disruption, we will use the whiteboard in reception to direct library readers to sit on the 4th floor or L2 or in the part of the 2nd where works are not taking place. By the second week there will be a tipping point when enough of the 3rd floor is in place to enable some reader access. The whiteboard will continue to keep library users updated on progress and which spaces are open or closed.

The project team and the contractors on site will make use of barriers and warning tape to demarcate working areas. Due regard will be given to the safety of library users and noise will be kept to a minimum.

By Monday July 8th, having entered the 4th floor, library users will be able to take the internal library lift to the 3rd floor and L2.  The internal stairs at the north end of the 4th may also be used to go to the 3rd floor. There will be no access to the 2nd floor, as that will be handed over for refurbishment on Friday 5th July.

Watch the whiteboard in the IALS reception for more details both before and during the 3 week transition period.

Feedback, comments, queries and concerns can all be sent to the Project Team by emailing ials2020@london.ac.uk

Thank You,
The Project Team