IALS Transformation Project Update January 2020

The Project Team at IALS is very pleased to announce that the new front doors to the building are now in use. The original revolving door has been replaced with two sets of curved sliding doors. This retains the circular profile while enabling wheelchair access in conjunction with the external lift which will be installed in March.

Works on the 5th floor are progressing according to schedule. The floor is due to be handed over to the University on Friday 6th March. The Institute Director, together with the Administration and Academic Teams will move into the 5th floor from Dilke House in mid-March.

The Project Team is continuing to explore options and costs for limited, further works on the lower floors of the Institute.

Feedback, comments, questions and concerns are very welcome and can be sent to the Project Team by emailing ials2020@london.ac.uk

Thank You 
The Project Team