IALS Transformation Project Update July 2019

The New 3rd Floor is now Open

The Project Team at IALS is very pleased to announce that the 3rd floor, the second of the floors to be completed, is now open. The floor was partially re-opened to library users in the last week of June as the last shelving and books were being moved up from the 2nd floor. It was fully open by Wednesday 3rd July.

In addition to a complete fit-out of new lighting, services, carpet, toilets etc, the floor has all new desks/chairs, 19 private study carrels and a 6 position central computer hub in the same position as the 4th floor.

As part of the relocation, all the books to be moved were thoroughly cleaned. The original library shelving has been cleaned and re-used. Plans are in place to add new wooden end panels to the shelving to refresh it in line with the transformation of the library floors.

The Library entrance, which was moved up to the 4th floor from the 2nd floor in February, will stay on the 4th floor until November 2019 when it will make its final move back to the new 2nd floor.

Also at the end of June, The British Institute for International and Comparative Law (BIICL) temporarily vacated the 1st floor. BIICL will be based at Senate House while the 1st floor is being refurbished. On Monday 8th July Overbury commenced building work on both the 2nd and 1st floors, exactly according to the project programme.

During the relocation of books and shelving, Library users were kept informed on a daily basis of which areas of the floor were open or closed. The Project Team is very grateful for everyone’s patience and accommodation.

Feedback, comments, questions and concerns are very welcome and can be sent to the Project Team by emailing ials2020@london.ac.uk.

Thank You

The Project Team