IALS Transformation Project Update October 2019

As the new academic year gets under way the latest phase of refurbishment and change within IALS is progressing as planned. The new 4th and 3rd floors are already in use and the 1st and 2nd floors are scheduled for completion in early November. 
From the 5th to the 17th November new furniture will be installed and staff will be relocated, including the teams currently on the 5th floor. The building will be closed on Sunday 17th November to facilitate the completion of this process and the relocation of the Library entrance and exit from the 4th to the 2nd floor.

The new 2nd floor will formally open on Monday 18th November 2019 and will accommodate the library staff together with the permanent Library Entrance gate/Exit gate, Computer and Training Room, two bookable Group study rooms, one-to-one reference advice room and special needs room. In addition more lockable library research carrels and library desks with PCs will be available.

The British Institute for International and Comparative Law (BIICL) will also move back in to the new 1st floor around the same time.

By the end of November, works will have commenced on the 5th floor. These will continue until March 2020 and will be followed by a number of smaller scale upgrades to the lower floors of the building. The 5th floor is the last floor to be completely ‘transformed’.

We will also be completing certain parts of the 4th floor which could not be undertaken until the Admissions and Enquiries Desks relocated to the 2nd floor. During this final phase of the major works programme we will continue to limit the noisiest activities to before 10am. Many library users use headphones and ear plugs are available at the Admissions desk if needed. 

The Project Team will keep Library users informed of specific activities as appropriate. We will continue to utilise the white board in the ground floor reception as the most immediate and effective means of communication.

Feedback, comments, questions and concerns are very welcome and can be sent to the Project Team by emailing ials2020@london.ac.uk

Thank You 

The Project Team