Institute Launches New Summer School Workshop for Law Teachers

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is pleased to announce the launch of the IALS Summer Workshop: Teaching Tomorrow’s Law Teachers. This pilot project has been developed with support from the Research England Strategic Investment Fund in the School of Advanced Study. 

The Workshop is a one week intensive summer school for early career (ie, first two years) academics in law. It is designed to provide focused professional development for those legal academics who wish to engage with interdisciplinary and critical perspectives in their teaching. The aim is for participants in the programme to become institutional leaders in innovation in legal education and to be champions of interdisciplinary pedagogy. 

This Workshop constitutes an intensive programme of activities which will be held in person at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies from 3rd-7th July 2023. Applications are now open from those early career legal academics with an enthusiasm for developing their expertise in legal education as critical practice and for becoming future leaders in their field. Academics working in all fields of research and teaching are welcome and encouraged to apply. The Workshop will be limited to twelve participants.

The workshop will be facilitated by Professor Shauna Van Praagh, of the Faculty of Law of McGill University in Montreal and Senior Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. Professor Van Praagh is an internationally recognised expert on legal education, law and literature, and legal pluralism. In her research, she adopts a methodological approach grounded in legal pluralism, a sensibility to identity-based narrative and critique, and a particular emphasis on literary sources and style. At McGill, she has designed and delivered the highly successful Seminar on Legal Education, which is aimed at future law teachers. 

Professor Van Praagh has published widely on legal education, including her recent book, Building Justice: Frank Iacobucci and the Life Cycles of Law (University of Toronto Press, 2022). She is the co-editor of Law and Learning in the Time of Pandemic - A Collage (with David Sandomierski (Lex Electronica), and she has written about her Legal Education Seminar in the Journal of Legal Education

The Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Professor Carl Stychin, explained: ‘I am excited that we are launching this new Summer School at IALS. The Institute has a wealth of experience in successfully delivering intensive training courses and we also have a strong tradition of excellence in legal education as an area of practice. I am thrilled that Professor Van Praagh – an international expert in the field – will be joining us next summer. I am certain that participants will find this a rewarding and exciting experience’. 

Further details, application forms, and a podcast discussion with Professor Van Praagh can be found at: