Professor Helen Xanthaki at the Legal Harmonization in the Establishment of the ASEAN Community Seminar in Vietnam

The seminar is organized by the Office of the National Assembly of Viet Nam in cooperation with the European Union Delegation to Viet Nam through the EU-Viet Nam Strategic Dialogue Facility as a forum for EU and ASEAN experts and Vietnamese practitioners, scholars and representatives of different agencies to exchange experiences and ideas on legal harmonization and issues related to Viet Nam in the context of ASEAN integration.

Within the EU-Viet Nam Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation (PCA), the EU has strategic objectives to enhance political, economic and cultural relations with Viet Nam by extending the scope of cooperation. Therefore, sharing European experiences on legal harmonization can effectively assist Viet Nam in implementing the PCA and preparing and completing the legal system in response to the requirements of the ASEAN Community.

The seminar was attended by leading international experts in the field. From the EU side, two European experts shared knowledge and information on various practices on EU Legal Harmonization. In details, Prof. Panos Koutrakos from the City University London (UK) presented his paper on various matters of European integration and examples of EU legal harmonization while Prof. Helen Xanthaki of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London (UK) made presentations on transposition and policy/law formulation for the implementation of the European integration process in approach to legal harmonization.

Participants discussed four key themes including basic perceptions of legal harmonization in regional integration, comparing the contexts and methods of legal harmonization of the EU and ASEAN; the practices of Vietnam’s legal harmonization in the context of ASEAN integration and solutions to enhance the role of the Vietnamese National Assembly in harmonizing legal system with the ASEAN region.

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