Professor Helen Xanthaki Quoted in United Nations Habitat III Issue Paper

Professor Helen Xanthaki, Director of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies, is quoted in the Habitat III issue paper of the United Nations. The paper expresses the UN point of view regarding the state of affairs in urban law. The impact of Professor Xanthaki's research is accentuated by the fact that the UN Task Team for Habitat III, which consists of multiple UN agencies, has adopted her conceptual framework for the quality of law as an important indicator for the state of urban law. The issue paper is now being considered in an online dialogue that will be concluded at the end of July. The issue paper and dialogue syntheses have been / will be circulated to all member states of the UN for their consideration in the deliberations leading to Habitat III. This is linked to the UN Habitat conference but will, hopefully, also be considered by Member States in reviewing their own situations and challenges. To that extent, Professor Xanthaki's definition of effectiveness as an indicator of legislative quality promotes consideration of her approach to quality of law in all Member States. The issue papers and online dialogue conclusions will provide the starting point for the policy discussions and negotiations that will lead to the production of the zero draft of the Habitat III outcome document next year. So, to that extent, it is hoped that quality of law as a concept will be recognised in the outcome document and, therefore, become at least soft international law.