Urban Law Collaboration with UN Habitat

The third Urban Law Day organised by IALS together with UN Habitat was held at IALS as part of an ongoing collaboration which will see a PhD scholarship programme launched in 2015/16. The Urban Law Day is a specialised forum aiming to bring together a multidisciplinary circle of academics and practitioners interested in urban legislation, including planners, architects, policy makers, economists, urbanises, and lawyers. The purpose of the Urban Law Day is to facilitate discussion, the exchange of views, networking, and the presentation of new research findings or emerging issues.

The annual Urban Law Day, jointly organised by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) was held on 6th July 2015. Speakers included Dr Maria Mousmouti, one of the Directors of the Clinic and also IALS Professor Helen Xanthaki.

Urban Law Day: Presentations
Legislative Quality in Urban Law
Effectiveness as a challenge for development
Urban development, private investment and regulation 
GOOD LAW How can it contribute to inclusion?
Urban development and Urban law: topics for a research agenda
Urban Law Day: Exercises and Workshop Notes
Urban Law - workshop exercises
Urban Law - workshop notes