Research Committee

Meets twice a year in March and October

Terms of Reference
Reports to the Advisory Council and has responsibility:

  • To select the Visiting Research Fellows for the following academic year from applications submitted to the Committee.
  • To approve the selection of Associate Research Fellows and Senior Associate Research Fellows of the Institute.
  • To select the topic of the Annual WG Hart Workshop from proposals submitted annually.
  • To receive the research section of the Annual Report.

Two academic members nominated by the Advisory Council of the Institute
Professor Alison Diduck (UCL) [Chair]

A member of the legal profession
His Honour Judge Nick Wikeley

Up to eight co-opted members (two of whom will normally be academics from law schools outside the University of London)
Professor Kern Alexander (University of Zurich and University of Cambridge)
Professor Mads Andenas (University of Leicester and University of Oslo)
Dr Elaine Fahey (City, University of London)
Professor Rachael Mulheron (QMUL)
Dr Nóra Ní Loideáin (IALS)
Professor Maleiha Malik (KCL)
Dr Constantin Stefanou (IALS)

The Director of the Institute (ex officio)
Professor Carl Stychin

Alex Bussey, IALS Manager (Secretary)
Eliza Boudier, Fellowship and Administrative Officer (Assistant Secretary)

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