Research Degrees Committee(PhD/MPhil)

Meets twice a year in June and October

Terms of Reference
Has responsibility for:

  • The implementation of the University and School regulations in regard to monitoring and quality assurance of programmes for the degrees of MPhil and PhD organised by the Institute.
  • Keeping under review the list of areas of research available in the Institute for the degrees of MPhil and PhD.
  • Admission of Students in accordance with the procedures determined by the School.
  • Implementation of the School’s code of practice in regard to the responsibilities of Students and supervisors, administrative procedures, and grievance and complaints procedures.
  • Monitoring student progress.
  • Approval of transfer from MPhil to PhD or from PhD to MPhil.
  • Arrangements for supervision, and monitoring and review of such arrangements.

Jules Winterton (Institute Director, Chair)

Internal Members
Dr Constantin Stefanou (Senior Lecturer in Law)
Dr Judith Townend (Lecturer in Law)
Dr Mahmood Bagheri (Lecturer in Law)
Professor Mads Andenas (Senior Fellow)
Professor Kern Alexander (Senior Fellow)
David Gee (Deputy Librarian)
Conor Wyer (Institute Manager)
Ivan Leonidov (SAS Programme Coordinator - IALS, Secretary)

Student Representatives
Jemina Benson (IALS Research Students, New Students)
Christoph Beischl (IALS Research Students, Continuing Students)

External Members
Professor Laura Lundy (Queen’s University Belfast)
Professor Panos Koutrakos (City University London)

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