Professor Dimitris Ziouvas

Photograph of Professor Dimitris Ziouvas
Associate Research Fellow
LLB (Athens, Greece), LLM (Freiburg, Germany), PhD (Cologne, Germany), CFE, FCIArb, Attorney at law (Greece and Germany)
Research Interests: 

Corruption, International Financial Crime, Transnational Organized Crime, EU Criminal Law, Financial and Banking Regulation

Additional Information: 

Dimitris Ziouvas is a Professor of Criminal Law at Panteion University of Athens. He has held the post of Reader in Criminal  Law and Compliance at Sussex Law School, Sussex University, UK. He is the Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice of Panteion University and the editor-in-chief of the “Series on Criminal Law, Criminal Policy and Human Rights”. Dimitris serves as a member of the Academic Council of the Academy of Transparency and Human Rights of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO). He has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Greek Anti-Corruption Authority. Prof Ziouvas regularly consults and represents States and international organizations in anti-corruption matters (United Nations, Council of Europe, OECD, ICC).

Other Information: 

In 2016 Professor Ziouvas received for his world-leading research and community engagement in anti-corruption the International Anti-corruption Excellence Award by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon (ROLACC/UNODC). and TV interview (


Key publications of Professor Ziouvas in English (*), German (**), Spanish (***) and Greek (****) include:


  • “Financial Criminal Law”, (European University Press, 2018), 885 p., ISBN 978-618-81958-2-0****
  • “Banking Criminal Law”, (European University Press, 2018), 970 p., ISBN 978-618-81958-3-7****
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  • “Tax and Customs Criminal Law – Introduction to the Theoretical Foundations” (European University Press, 2010), ISBN: 978-618-81958-0-6****
  • “Financial Crimes, Vol. 1: General Part – Basic issues of financial criminality and financial criminal law”, N. Courakis and D. Ziouvas (collaboration) (Publications Ant. Sakkoulas, 3rd ed., 2008), 351 pages, ISBN: 978-960-15-1921-8 ****
  • “Financial Crimes, Vol. 3: Compendium of Greek, European and international legislative texts and materials”, N. Courakis and D. Ziouvas (collaboration) (Publications Ant. Sakkoulas, 2007), p. 245, ISBN: 978-960-15-1923-4 ****
  • “The new capital markets criminal law – Europeanization and legitimization”, Vol. 13 European Criminal Law Series: IUS CRIMINALE (Ulrich Sieber, ed.) (Wolters Kluwer, 2005), 352 pages, ISBN: 3-452-25991-9. Original title in German: “Das neue Kapitalmarktstrafrecht – Europäisierung und Legitimation“ ** (Book awarded with the 2005 Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation Scientific Award)

Edited Books

  • “Anti-Corruption Law and Policy: Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Criminal Policy in Greece and Internationally”, D. Ziouvas (ed.) (Nomiki Bibliothiki Publishers, 2016). 664 pages (32 chapters), ISBN: 978-960-562-627-3 **** (Book introduction by HE the President of the Hellenic Republic Prof Prokopios Pavlopoulos.)
  • “Financial Crimes”, N. Courakis and D. Ziouvas (eds.), Vol. 2: Special Part: contributions on tax, customs, money laundering, corruption, securities, competition, intellectual property, cyber-crime (Pulications Ant. Sakkoulas, 2007), 487 pages, ISBN: 978-960-15-1922-7 ****

Articles / Book Chapters

  • “International Asset Recovery and the United Nations Convention against Corruption” in Colin King, Clive Walker and Jimmy Gurulé, (eds.), The Handbook of Criminal and Terrorism Financing Law, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, pp. 591 - 620. *
  • “Systematic criminal policy foundations and national and international anti-corruption best practices”, in Ziouvas, D. (ed.), Anti-Corruption Law and Policy: Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Criminal Policy in Greece and Internationally (Nomiki Bibliothiki Publishers, 2016), pp. 21 – 58. ****
  • “Towards a modern anti-corruption criminal policy in the public and private sector” in: Crime and punishment in times of crisis, Essays in Honor of Prof. Courakis, 2016, pp. 774 – 796. ****
  • "Criminal law and criminal policy aspects in the fight against corruption in public administration“ in: N. Courakis/A. Krispi (eds.), Public Administration and Corruption (Ant. Sakkoulas, Athens 2015), pp. 133 – 160. ****
  • “Theoretical approaches for a new orientation of the German and Greek Financial Criminal Law with regard to the notion of legal interest (or: Once again about the concept of Financial Criminal Law)” in U. Sieber, G. Dannecker, U. Kindhäuser, J. Vogel, T. Walter (eds.), Criminal Law and Financial Criminal Law, - Theory, Comparative Law, Legal Facts, Commemorative publication for the 70th birthday of Klaus Tiedemann, 2008, pp. 123 – 143. **
  • “Criminal aspects of companies limited by shares from the perspective of the new corporate and capital market law”, Penal Review (Poinikos Logos) 1/2007, pp. 5 – 29, (co-author N. Courakis) ****
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  • “Corruption in the private sector – Report on German law” (original title in Spanish “Corrupción en el sector privado - Sistemas penales comparados: Alemania"), in: Revista Penal 11 (2003), p. 151 et seq. ***
  • “Corruption in the private sector – Report on Greek law” (original title in Spanish: “Corrupción en el sector privado - Sistemas penales comparados: Grecia”), Revista Penal 11 (2003), p. 176 et seq. ***

Policy Recommendations / Public Reports 

  • “Systematic approach and recommendations for fighting corruption crimes in Greece’ (2016) **** 
  • “Compendium of Greek Anti-Corruption Laws”, Ziouvas, D. (ed.) 2016 ****