Dr Francesco De Pascalis

Photograph of Dr Francesco de Pascalis
Visiting Lecturer
PhD, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies-University of London; LLM Queen Mary University of London, LLM University of Trento, LLB University of Parma
Research Interests: 

Banking Law; Regulation of Financial Markets; EU Financial Law; Security regulations; International Finance Law; Company Law

Additional Information: 

Francesco has a lectureship in financial law at Brunel University London and he is an associate research fellow at IALS. He previously worked at the Law Faculty of the University of Zurich at the chair for Banking and Finance Law held by Professor Kern Alexander. He is, among others, author of the book Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance: An International Legal Analysis (Brill-Nijhoff, 2017) 


  • Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance: An International Legal Analysis (Brill-Nijhoff, 2017)
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  • Investors’ and Market Participants’ Over-reliance on External Credit Ratings: To What Extent Does EU Law Carry This Risk? 27 European Business Law Review 3 (2016).
  • Financial Crime Prevention and Control: The path of a ‘Unique’ Jurisdiction Under EU Law and International Standards, European Journal of Law Reform 4 (2015).
  • Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies from a European Perspective: Development and Contents of Article 35(a) of Regulation (EU) No 462/2013, Special Issue of International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal, on Civil Liability of Credit Rating Agencies in the European Union - Selected Legal and Economic Aspects, edited by Gudula Deipenbrock and Mads Andenas (2015), Vol. 11, Issue 2, p. 42-70.
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