Professor Gudula Deipenbrock

Associate Research Fellow
Special Interests: 

Capital Markets Law, Financial Markets Law, Comparative Law,
National Business Law, International Business Law, Company Law, European Union Law, Foreign Business Law.
Her scholarship in financial markets regulation includes - apart from an edited volume (together with Mads Andenas) on regulating and supervising European financial markets (Springer 2016) - numerous papers in the realm of capital markets regulation. The latter include papers on the various legal aspects of the credit rating industry. The focus of more recent research lies on the legal, regulatory and supervisory challenges posed by Fintech and the progressing digital transformation particularly of financial markets. Her scholarship in comparative law and company law includes papers in particular on legal transplants, directors’ duties (UK and German perspective), Chinese contract and company law and corporate sustainability. 

Additional Information: 

Professor Dr. Gudula Deipenbrock is a member of the Editorial Board (continuous co-operation) of the law journal Recht der Internationalen Wirtschaft (RIW) and the Editorial Advisory Board of the European Business Law Review. In context with her research projects, she has enjoyed the status as Visiting Fellow/Academic Visitor at legal departments or institutes of various renowned universities in the UK and the EU. Before joining HTW Berlin in 1998, she was a corporate counsel and project manager in several German companies, especially large groups of companies, working particularly in the fields of international co-operation, mergers and acquisitions and National and International Business Law.


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