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Senior Associate Research Fellow
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LLB (Athens), MJur, PhD (Dunelm)
Research Interests: 

Legislative Drafting, Law-making, Legislative Quality (common law, civil law, EU, comparative)

Additional Information: 
  • Professor, UCL
  • Dean, Postgraduate Laws Programmes, University of London
  • Visiting Professor, QMUL
  • Member, Committee for Scrutiny of Quality of Legislative Process, General Secretariat for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Presidency of the Hellenic Government
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Recent Selected Publications


  • Ulrich Karpen, Helen Xanthaki et all, Legislation in Europe: A Country by Country Handbook for Scholars and Practitioners (forthcoming, Hart and Nomos, Oxford) 
  • Jurate Vaiciukaite and Helen Xanthaki, Better Legislation and the EU (forthcoming, Elgar Publishers, London)
  • Patricia Popelier, Helen Xanthaki and al, Lawmaking in Multi-level Settings: Legislative Challenges in Federal Systems and the European Union (2019, Nomos-Hart, Oxford and Baden-Baden)
  • Ulrich Karpen and Helen Xanthaki (eds), Legislation in Europe: A Handbook for Scholars and Practitioners, 2017, Hart Publishers, Oxford)
    • Reviewed in the European Law Review, Deutsche Verwaltungsblatt, European Review of Public Law, Zeitschift fur Gesetzgebung, LesGez: Legislation and Evaluation, Revista de Legislacao e Jurisprudencia, Theory and Practice of Legislation, Zeitschrift fur Gesetzgebung,  Parlamentiszemle, Diritto e Questioni Publichhe   
  • Helen Xanthaki, Drafting Legislation: Art and Technology of Rules for Regulation (2014, Hart Publishers, Oxford)
    • Reviewed in Public Law, Legal Studies, The Loophole, the Statute Law Review, Theory and Practice of Legislation, European Journal of Law Reform, Rassegna Parlamentare, Zeitschift fur Gesetzgebung, LesGez: Legislation and Evaluation; European Journal of Risk Regulation
  • Helen Xanthaki, (ed) Enhancing Legislative Drafting in the Commonwealth: A Wealth of Innovation (2014, Routledge, London)

Chapters in Books

  • Helen Xanthaki, “Legislation as tool for trust in the EU” in Legislation and Citizen Confidence (forthcoming , Hart, Oxford)
  • Helen Xanthaki and Constantin Stefanou, “Modern trends in drafting and negotiating Bills” in Robert Zbiral, The Cradle of Laws: Drafting and Negotiating Bills within the Executives in Central Europe (2020, Nomos, Baden-Baden), 17-32
  • Helen Xanthaki and Efstratios Vouros, “Selected case studies: the case study of Greece” in Ivan Sammut and Jelena Agranovska, Implementing and Enforcing EU Criminal Law: Theory and Practice, 101-114
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Sunset clauses: a contribution to legislative quality” in Sofia Ranchordás and Yaniv Roznai, Time, Law and Change: An Interdisciplinary Study (2020, Hart, Oxford), 219-225
  • H. Xanthaki, “Gender-inclusive legislative drafting in English: A matter of clarity” in A. Flückiger (ed.), La rédaction administrative et législative inclusive, la francophonie entre impulsions et résistances (2019, Stämpfli, Bern), pp.57-72
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Legislation in the UK” in Ulrich Karpen and Helen Xanthaki, Legislation in Europe: A Country by Country Handbook for Scholars and Practitioners (forthcoming, Hart and Nomos, Oxford and Bonn)
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Courts and legislation: Do legislators and judges speak the same language?” in Martin Belov, Courts, Politics and Constitutional Law: Judicialization of Politics and Politicization of the Judiciary (2020, Routledge, London and New York), pp.57-68 
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Judges v drafters: the saga continues” In Jeffrey Barnes, The Coherence of Statutory Interpretation (2019, The Federation Press, Australia), pp.58-69
  • Helen Xanthaki, “An ‘Ordinary meaning of words’: is there such a thing?” in Ik-Hyeon Rhee and Wim Voermans, Innovation of Legislative Process (2018, KLRI/IAL, Seoul), pp.123-136 
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Misconceptions on legislative quality: an enlightened approach to the drafting of legislation” in Daniel Oliver (ed) Conceptions and misconceptions of legislation (2019, Springer, Τhe Hague), pp.23-49 
  • Helen Xanthaki, in K Gilberg and C Groulier, Former a la legistique: Les nouveaux territoires de la pédagogie juridique (2018, LexisNexis, Paris), pp.81-90 
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Improving the Quality of EU Legislation: Limits and Opportunities?” in Sasha Garben and Inge Govaere (eds) The Better Regulation Agenda: A Critical Assessment (2018, Hart, Oxford) pp.28-47

Articles in Journals

  • Helen Xanthaki, “Using Better Regulation as a Methodology for Achieving Better EU Legislation – A First Approach” [2019] ZEI Discussion Paper, ZEI (Centre for European Integration Studies, Bonn University), Radbout University, C256/2019, 7-20
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Good urban law and how to achieve it” European Journal of Law Reform [2019] forthcoming
  • Helen Xanthaki, “The limits of legislation as a product” Hukim – The Israeli Journal on Legislation 11 [2018] 153-172
  • Helen Xanthaki, “An enlightened approach to legislative scrutiny: focusing on effectiveness” European Journal of Risk Regulation [2018] 431-434
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Good plain legislation at your service: UK leadership in academe and practice” in The Korean Legal Research Institute Journal of Legislation and Evaluation [2016]10:1, pp.19-53 
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Legislative Drafting e lingua: ipotesi di semplificazione del testo normativo” in [2016] 47 Studi parlamentari e di politica costituzionale, 41-71 (together with Giulia Adriana Pennisi) 
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Quality of Legislation: Focus on Smart EU and post-Smart Transposition” 2 [2015] TPLeg 329-342
  • Helen Xanthaki, “EU Legislative quality post-Lisbon: the challenges of Smart Regulation” [2014] 35 Statute Law Review 66-80
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Legislative drafting: The birth of a new sub-discipline of law”, [2013] 1 IALS Student Review 57-70 
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Editorial” [2013] 15 European Journal of Law Reform 93-94 (together with Cherie Booth, QC)

Public and International Reports

  • Helen Xanthaki (2018) Written Evidence, House of Lords’ Select Committee on the EU on “Brexit” 
  • Helen Xanthaki and al on behalf of the International Association for Legislation (2017) Written Evidence, Irish Law Commission, Issues Paper on Accessibility, Consolidation and Online Publication of Legislation
  • Helen Xanthaki and al (2016) "Secondary Legislation and Parliamentary Scrutiny" Written Evidence, House of Lords' Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee on Response to the Strathclyde Report, and
  • Helen Xanthaki (2013) "The future of Home Affairs policy under the prism of legislative quality", Consultation DG HOME.
  • Helen Xanthaki (2013) “Focus on Legislative Drafting” Written Evidence, House of Lords’ Select Committee on the EU, Sub-Committee F (Home Affairs, Health and Education) on ‘The EU’s five year agenda for EU justice and home affairs activity (2015-2019).
  • Helen Xanthaki (2012) “EU criminal law in the UK”, FIDE Conference, Talinn
  • Helen Xanthaki, “Implementation of EU legislation” Oral Evidence, Public Hearing at the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament “Better Regulation” Hearing, Brussels, 21 June 2011

Conference Papers

  • “Emergency legislation in the COVID19 times”, Nova University of Lisbon, 17 June 2020
  • “The Legislative Side of  Brexit”,  Sixth International Conference on Legislation and Law Reform, Washington, 14-15 November 2019 
  • “EU legislation as a tool for trust and loyalty to the EU”, The crisis in confidence in legislation, Senato della Reppublica, Rome, 25 October 2019
  • “Keynote: The language of law reform”, The Language of Law Reform, IALS, 9 July 2019
  • “EU criminal law through the lens of legislative studies: drafting and transposition trends” in The Future of EU Criminal Law – PIF, University of Malta, 24 June 2019
  • “Gender diversity and legislative drafting” in Future of Legal Gender Colloquium, KCL, 20 June 2019
  • “Keynote: AI and legislative drafting” in What do Robots Dream of?, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, 7 June 2019
  • “Legislative elements of post-legislative scrutiny” in Evaluation of Legislation Conference of the Ereky Public Law Research Center, PKE JÁK - II János Pál terem (Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political sciences, Budapest, 3 May 2019
  • “Keynote - Requirements for effective laws in the 21st century” in LEGISLATURES AND LAWS IN EUROPE - Conference on the “Day of Parliamentarism”, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies, Budapest, 2 May 2019
  • “Keynote - Gender inclusive language in the Anglophone world” in La redaction legislative et administrative inclusive: La francophonie entre impulsion et resistance, CETEL Universite de Geneve, Geneva, 25 January 2019
  • “Applying Better Regulation to EU Legislation” in EUROPAL Jubilee Seminar: Assessing Better Regulation in the European Union, Radboud University, Nijmegen, 18 December 2018

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