Previous Directors / Librarians and Secretaries of the IALS

Previous Directors Previous Librarians Previous Secretaries
Mr Jules Winterton
Director 2013-2018
Mr David Gee
Librarian 2019-2022
Dr Conor Wyer
Institute Manager 2012-2017
Professor Avrom Sherr
Director 2004-2013
Mr Jules Winterton
Librarian 1992-2018
Ms Margaret R. Wilson
Institute Manager 2011-2012
Professor Barry Rider
Director 1995-2004
Miss Muriel Anderson
Librarian 1982-1991
Mr Will Fitzmaurice
Administrative Manager 2009-2011
Professor Terence Daintith
Director 1988-1995
Mr Willi Steiner
Librarian 1968-1981
Mr Peter Niven
Administrative Secretary 2006-2008
Sir Jack Jacob
Director 1986-1988
Mr K. Howard Drake
Librarian 1947-1967
Mr David Phillips
Administrative Secretary 1987-2006
Professor Aubrey Diamond
Director 1976-1986
  Mr John Boxhall
Secretary 1971-1986
Professor Sir Norman Anderson
Director 1958-1976
  Mr Willi Steiner
Secretary 1968-1971
Professor Sir David Hughes Parry
Director 1947-1958

Mr K. Howard Drake
Secretary 1947-1967

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