FLARE Foreign Law Research

a collaboration between the major libraries collecting foreign law in the United Kingdom

FLARE Foreign Law Research

Project Aims

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FLARE is a collaboration between the major libraries collecting foreign law in the United Kingdom: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (Chair), Bodleian Law Library, Squire Law Library, British Library, and SOAS, University of London It is working to improve the coverage and accessibility of foreign legal materials at the national level and to raise expertise in their use.

The Institute Library has been co-operating with the British Library for many years in the collaborative acquisitions of foreign legal materials, leading to a concordat between the two libraries. In collaboration with the Bodleian Law Library, the Squire Law Library and the SOAS, University of London, the libraries developed the FLAG Foreign Law Guide to help researchers locate primary foreign law print collections in UK libraries. The FLAG project highlighted the importance of continued co-operation among the major UK libraries with foreign law collections resulting in the formation of FLARE - the Foreign Law Research group of libraries.

Building on work from established relationships and earlier projects, FLARE aims to develop collaborative collection policies, improve access to foreign, comparative and international law and to increase the expertise of library staff by providing information and training courses in the collection, management and exploitation of these materials. The website includes the union list of European official gazettes, course materials and documents produced by the FLAG project and FLARE initiatives. FLARE has been particularly helpful in advising the IALS development of the Flare Index to Treaties.

Page last updated: 19th January 2022