It is part of LERN’s mission to help support new researchers.  We know that there are people pursuing research degrees (M Phils, M Res, PhDs, EdDs, DBAs and other professional doctorates) in the topic of legal education.  This might be at any level from the school citizenship curriculum, through degrees, vocational courses, into the workplace and in CPD. You may be investigating the effects of educational strategy, working to design new models or considering the relationship between the academy and the professions. You might be carrying out comparative work between professions or jurisdictions.

You might be an existing law teacher, a practitioner or someone who has more recently come into the field. You may be working on your research full time or part time.

You might be in a law school, a business school or a school of education.  We think this is an important point, because it may mean that you are comparatively isolated, and may find it difficult to find others with whom to share ideas, and from whom to receive support.

Team LERN would like to help foster a sense of community amongst research students in legal education.  We also include those not pursuing a degree, but new to educational research. The first step in doing so is to find out who you are, where you are and what you are working on.  To this end, if you would like to join us, please complete this form and return it to us.  We will keep any data you provide in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and LERN’s privacy policy.

We also ask for your additional consent to share some of that data with other members of LERN; so as to create an email distribution list or other method of communication about research students and their work.